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Kirikou Coloring Pages

Kirikou Coloring Pages

In a little apple about in West Africa, a boy alleged Kirikou is congenital in a amazing way. But he’s not a accustomed boy, because he can allege and airing anon afterwards accepting born. He is aswell actual determined. His mother tells him that an affronted sorceress has broiled up their bounce and devoured all the males of the apple except for one. Appropriately the tiny Kirikou decides to accompany the endure warrior, his uncle, to appointment the sorceress. Kirikou tricks the sorceress and saves his uncle. He saves the accouchement from accepting kidnapped by the sorceress’s baiter and saves them afterwards afresh from the sorceress’s tree. Next, he bursts the monster who was bubbler all the village’s water. He afresh beforehand to ask his astute old grandfathering about the sorceress, and faces abounding obstacles in the process. The grandfathering finds that Kirikou is consistently allurement questions, which is a acceptable thing. The grandfathering tells him that she is affronted because she suffers: bad men put a berserk arrow in her back. Kirikou manages to ambush the sorceress and removes the thorn. The sorceress is cured. She kisses Kirikou and he becomes an adult. Adulation reigns.

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