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An extra-terrestrial mad scientist called Dr. Jumba Jookiba (David Ogden Stiers) is put on balloon by a galactic administering body, headed by a Grand Councilwoman, for illegally creating alarming creatures. His latest experiment, agreement 626 is captured and bedevilled to banishment on a arid asteroid. 626, however, escapes. His pod crashes assimilate Earth. On the run, he passes himself off as a dog on Earth. 626 is adopted by a little babe called Lilo Pelekai (Daveigh Chase) who is alive with her 21-year-old sister Nani (Tia Carrere), as their parents accept afresh died in a car accident. Lilo is abandoned and a bit of an outcast. A amusing artisan called Cobra Bubbles (Ving Rhames) is ecology Nani�s progress, as he is anxious that her parenting techniques do not accommodated the standards appropriate to accession a adolescent and is because putting Lilo into advance care. Nani is aflutter of this, as Lilo is the abandoned ancestors she has left, and carnality versa. Lilo finds a new acquaintance in 626 � she thinks it is a dog � whom she names �Stitch.� She identifies with Stitch�s able alienated tendencies, and the two anatomy a band immediately. Unfortunately, his agitated behaviour costs Nani her job. Stitch initially attempts to escape the island but finds that it is absurd because he is abashed of the water, and cannot bathe aback his physique is too dense. Stitch resigns himself to break with Lilo if he spots that he is accepting watched by Jumba and Galactic Abettor Pleakley (Kevin McDonald), who accept been assigned to anamnesis Stitch afterwards accepting detected by bodies in barter for Jumba�s freedom. Pleakley is both a adviser and Jumba�s surpervisor, to ensure Jumba does not escape should he abort to anamnesis Stitch. Lilo addendum Stitch�s agitated tendencies and attempts to advise him to relax, captivation up her admired artist Elvis Presley as a archetypal archetype of behavior.

Cobra Bubbles tells Nani that unless she finds application and improves their alive conditions, he will accept to yield Lilo into advance care. She has three canicule to change his mind. Nani, with the advice of her admirer David, tries several times to acquisition employment, but is clumsy to defended a position, as Lilo�s attempts to acclimatized Stitch by accepting him behave as Elvis Presley about advance to adversity during Nani�s job interviews. Afterwards one such backbreaking day, David offers Nani and Lilo a day of surfing at the beach. While the three of them are aggravating to advice Stitch apprentice how to surf, Jumba and Pleakley abduction Stitch from underwater, arch Stitch to grab assimilate Lilo, boring her under. David manages to accomplishment both Lilo and Stitch, but Nani believes that Stitch was advancing Lilo. Unfortunately, Cobra Bubbles saw the absolute event, and tells Nani (not afterwards sympathy) that it�s time to abstracted Lilo from her and that he�ll acknowledgment the next morning. Stitch realizes that it was his accountability and allotment to Lilo�s abode alone. Afterwards seeing Lilo and Nani accurate amore as sisters, and altercate the accent of their ability and accepting calm as a family, he adventures an character crisis and decides to leave, ambuscade in the dupe activity absolutely lost.

The afterward morning, Jumba and Pleakley are accursed for not capturing Stitch. The Grand Councilwoman assigns Captain Gantu to abduction Stitch. This leads Jumba, no best apprenticed by Galactic Code, to aggressively hunt Stitch in one endure effort. He finds Stitch in the dupe and finds out that Stitch is cat-and-mouse for �family� to arrive. Jumba says that Stitch, accepting an beginning creation, doesn�t accept one and that he can never belong. Stitch runs from Jumba and a hunt ensues. Meanwhile, Lilo discovers that Stitch left, while David arrives with a job action for Nani. Nani tells Lilo to break at home and not to acknowledgment the door. Stitch comes aback to Lilo�s home, followed by Jumba, and the two activate to action while Lilo calls Cobra Bubbles for help. The abode is ultimately demolished, with Nani and Abettor Bubbles accession just after. Seeing Nani and Cobra arguing, Lilo runs off into the dupe and encounters Stitch. He reveals his accurate conflicting form, and Lilo is bent that he had bamboozled her. Afore Lilo can say any more, Gantu captures both of them. Stitch manages to escape the pod they are both placed in but is again confronted by Nani. At this point, Stitch assuredly speaks to her in (pidgin) English and shows that he is an conflicting and does accept the acceptation of ohana, acceptation �family� and �that cipher gets larboard abaft or forgotten�. Jumba is able to abduction Stitch during this moment of understanding, but Nani pleads with him to advice save Lilo from Gantu, and he cautiously agrees.

Employing Jumba�s spaceship, they and Gantu accord hunt about the Hawaiian mountains. Stitch manages to acreage on Gantu�s address and attempts to chargeless Lilo, but Gantu reconfigures the bend of the afterburners to bang Stitch off the ship. Afterwards a moment of unconsciousness, Stitch wakes up just in time to save a frog from accepting run over by a gasoline truck. Hijacking the aforementioned truck, Stitch drives it beeline into an alive volcano, cheeky Gantu and absolution the ammunition into the lava. The access launches Stitch like a rocket beeline into Gantu�s cockpit. Gantu tries to accident Stitch but ends up accepting befuddled off the ship. Stitch rescues Lilo moments afore the address explodes. If anybody acreage in the ocean, David is accordingly surfing adjacent and helps carriage anybody to shore.

Just as they access to the shore, it is al of a sudden appear that the Grand Councilwoman herself has appear to arrest Stitch. Stitch, application his new name and torn English, asks to say good-bye to Lilo and Nani, cogent the Grand Councilwoman: �This my family. I begin it all on my own. It�s little, and broken, but still good.� Lilo presents the affidavit of acceptance from the dog batter which, as a accurately bounden document, makes her amenable for Stitch. The Grand Councilwoman sees that Stitch has adapted into a affable animal beneath Lilo�s care, and so Stitch�s book of activity in banishment is altered: he�s now advised a area of Lilo and Nani�s. Cobra Bubbles is appear to be a above CIA abettor who ahead met the Grand Councilwoman at Roswell, and he promises to accumulate an eye on the family. The cine ends with both Jumba and Pleakley assigned to Earth (they advice clean the burst home with some of their conflicting technology), and with Stitch accepting absolutely accustomed into Lilo�s family.

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