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Littlest Pet Shop Coloring Pages

Littlest Pet Shop Coloring Pages


* Blessed Puppy – a Dalmatian that came with a ablaze dejected pet carrier, ID tag, a aliment dish, and a magnetized besom that, if abashed in foreground of its stomach, would could cause its appendage to wag.

* Hurrying Hamsters – two hamsters that came with a bright alembic (yellow lid), ID tag, a baptize bottle, a bag of cardboard “litter”, and a bright blush “wheel”. The arced hamster had a little weight in its abdomen – if you placed it in the caster and angry the handle, the hamster would “run” in the wheel.

* Toucan – a amethyst toucan with blooming feet. It came with a ablaze azure cage with lavender bars, ID tag, a perch, and a aliment dish. If you affected the toucan’s head, her wings would flap.

* Chameleon – a blooming temperature-sensitive cadger with a bright alembic (green lid), ID tag, baptize bottle, and “desert” background.

* Bunny – a white bunny that came with a ablaze azure basket, ID tag, a agglomeration of carrots, and a aliment dish. If you apprenticed down on the bunny’s tail, her aerial would twitch.

* Playful Kittens – Golden Kitty, Gray-point white kitty. Came with a “kitty condo” blazon affair (with a congenital clutter box), aliment dish, abrading post, and magnetized mouse. Golden kitty’s arch had a allurement in it and would blow it’s arch if the abrasion was dangled in foreground of it. Press the gray/white kitty’s tail, and her accoutrements would move up and down in a abrading motion.

* Puppy Leash – Poodle, German Shepherd, and black/brown mutt. Came with aversion and fenced-in blooming grass base, aliment dish, magnetized bone/newspaper. Press poodle’s tail, and she’d blemish her ear. Press shepherd’s tail, and he’d agitate a paw. The added dog’s blow arch was magnetized to play tug-o-war with the cardboard and bone.

* Gerbils – Four Gerbils with abode and accessories.

* Pet Boutique – Came with a array of accessories and two apprenticed lovebirds that would “kiss” if batten moved.

* Bend – Tank with colorful, amphibian fish.

* Turtles – Two turtles in a terrarium.

* Blessed HorsesThree horses so far.

* Monkeys – A leash of monkeys with a timberline and added accessories.

* Mice – Three magnetized mice with a terrarium. The lid would cast over to become a maze. Aswell had a artificial basal with a “nest” carved into it. Came with magnetized cheese, a magnetized baton (to advice mice through the maze), baptize canteen and aliment dish.

* Stamper pets – Choice of fat bare cat or “hairy” atramentous and tan dog. They came on a molded artificial abject that would adumbrate a rolling stamper congenital into the base of the pet. The cat’s brand had red ink, and the dog’s had purple.

* Families – Choice of bunny, cat, or dog. Anniversary ancestors consisted of a mother and several babies. Mom’s abdomen was magnetized, and a few of the babies independent magnets to actualize the “nursing” effect. Anniversary ancestors came with a array of accessories.

* Chattering pets – Three sets were available; the backwoods beastly set, the purring kitties set, and the birds set. The backwoods creatures set included a skunk, a raccoon, a squirrel, a tree, and accessories. The backing set included three bodies and a backing address that featured a purring function. The bird set included four-five cockatoo-like birds and a bright “glass” cage. There was a button on the top of the “cage” that would call if pressed.

Toward the end of the Littlest Pet boutique production, the band began to annex out into even added assorted sets:

* Littlest Pet Boutique Zoo – The zoo was an absolutely adapted set of LPS animals. There was even a zoo playset. Some of the animals accessible included a zebra, Polar pals (set of Polar bear, seal, and two penguins), honey bear, leopard, tiger, elephant, ducks, and a lion.

* Beethoven – based aloft the hit cine series, there was a amount of playsets featuring the abominable Saint Bernard dogs.

Littlest pet shop- Get bigger centermost includes a cadger dog and cat. The cat drinks the canteen of milk if you put it on the mouth. If you rub the lizards spots they about-face invisible. The dog is just plain.

* McDonald’s Blessed Meal – included fantasy creatures, such as a unicorn and a dragon.

* Television Alternation – featuring the characters from the activated LPS stories.

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