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Lizzie McGuire Coloring Pages

Lizzie McGuire is a Disney Channel Original Alternation that aired on the Disney Channel from 2001 to 2004. [1] Its ambition demographic was preteens and adolescents, but is aswell admired by adults as well. The TV appearance was created by Terri Minsky. The show’s creatively offbeat, alloyed media architecture stood out from the blow of the Disney Channel’s programming of the time – and in essence, became the channel’s flagship, and absolute appearance of the aboriginal 2000s. The show’s ambassador Stan Rogow says the beheld attending of the appearance was partly aggressive by Run Lola Run.[1] Production was completed in 2002 afterwards the appearance accomplished its 65 adventure order.

Animated Lizzie was an activated appearance in the show. She represented the appellation character’s close thoughts, acclamation the admirers anon in the address of a Greek chorus. The appearance was not the aboriginal alternation to use action to reflect a live-action character’s centermost thoughts, however; McGee and Me and Student Bodies, two amalgamated affairs about the struggles of a artist for a academy newspaper, generally acclimated the artist’s aberrant caricatures of himself and his accompany to visually allegorize his autogenous monologues. Activated Lizzie was aswell accurate by alternation brilliant Hilary Duff.

* Lizzie McGuire (Hilary Duff): Lizzie was a shy teenage girl, and is self-conscious middle schooler. She dealt with the same issues as normal teenagers do and eventually found a way through every obstacle.

* Miranda Sanchez (Lalaine): Miranda was one of Lizzie’s best friends; she, Lizzie and Gordo formed the main triumvirate. Miranda was the rebel of the three, but Lizzie was always there to watch her back. She did not appear in the last six episodes of the show, nor in The Lizzie McGuire Movie; she was said to be on vacation with her family in Mexico. Miranda’s middle name is revealed to be Isabella in one of the episodes.

* Gordo (Adam Lamberg): Gordo was one of Lizzie’s best friends, and had been since she was one day old. He usually offered sarcasm and good advice. He was portrayed as being very intelligent and always gets good grades. He was also revealed to be Jewish, as shown in one episode where he had a Bar Mitzvah. In the episode “The Untitled Stan Jenson Project,” it was revealed that Lizzie had a crush on him in the fourth grade. In The Lizzie McGuire Movie, Gordo was pulled into a lip-lock with Lizzie after she realized what a big mistake she has made. In the final episode, it was revealed that Gordo also had a crush on Lizzie.

* Matt McGuire (Jake Thomas): Matt was Lizzie’s younger brother. As a stock character, he was often destroying something. He had a best friend named Lanny, who did not speak on-screen. Matt was clever and wily, and had a reputation for getting into trouble. Matt and Lizzie shared a typical brother-sister relationship. They fooled around, annoyed each other, but were always there for each other at the end of each episode. He was rather intelligent/creative and knew how to humor people.

* Jo McGuire (Hallie Todd): Jo was Lizzie and Matt’s mother. She cared deeply about Lizzie, but was still trying to figure out how to raise a teenager. As a result, she sometimes tended to “mess up” situations in Lizzie’s life, all the while trying to help make them better. At the end of each episode, Jo and Lizzie tend to come to an understanding and portray the unfaltering love of a mother-daughter relationship.

* Sam McGuire (Robert Carradine): Sam was Lizzie and Matt’s father. He could be best described as a bit goofy and quite clueless about raising his kids. However, he always tried his best to help Lizzie out and understand her, and was always available to lend a helping hand.

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