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Lucky Luke Coloring Pages

Lucky Luke Coloring Pages

Luke, a abnormality cowboy able of animation a gun faster than his shadow, fights abomination and injustice, a lot of about in the anatomy of the bumbling Dalton brothers, Joe, William, Jack and Averell (each one accepting taller and dumber than the antecedent one). He rides Jolly Jumper, “the smartest horse in the world”. He is about apparent with Rantanplan, “the stupidest dog in the universe”, whose name is a advertence to Rin Tin Tin. A cigarette was consistently on Lucky Luke’s aperture in the aboriginal stories, but in 1983, in acknowledgment to the growing anti-smoking campaign, Morris replaced the cigarette with a section of straw, which acceptable him acceptance from the Angel Health Organization.

In the albums, Luke meets abounding absolute Western abstracts like Calamity Jane, Billy the Kid, Judge Roy Bean and Jesse James’s gang, and takes allotment in actual endeavors such as attention of Wells Fargo stagecoaches, the Pony Express, the architecture of the aboriginal transcontinental telegraph, the Rush into the Unassigned Acreage of Oklahoma, and accompanying French extra Sarah Bernhardt on her American tour. Abounding accustomed modern-day celebrities aswell accept a adornment in the alternation as burlesque characters, including Alfred Hitchcock, Randolph Scott and Louis de Funès.

At the end of anniversary story, except the earliest, Lucky Luke rides off abandoned into the sunset, singing (in English) “I’m a poor abandoned cowboy, and a continued way from home…”.

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