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Marsupilami Coloring Pages

Marsupilami Coloring Pages

Marsupilami is a fabulous banana book beastly created by André Franquin, aboriginal appear on January 31, 1952 in the annual Spirou.[1] Aback afresh it appeared consistently in the accustomed Belgian banana book alternation Spirou et Fantasio until Franquin chock-full alive on the alternation in 1968 and the actualization abandoned out anon afterwards. In the backward 1980s, the Marsupilami got its own acknowledged aftereffect alternation of banana albums, Marsupilami, accounting by Greg, Yann and Dugomier and fatigued by Batem, ablution the publishing abode Marsu Productions. Later, two activated shows featuring this character, as able-bodied as a Sega Genesis video bold and a array of added commodity followed. The asteroid 98494 Marsupilami is alleged in its honour.

The name is a blend of the words marsupial, Pilou-Pilou (the French name for Eugene the Jeep, a actualization Franquin admired as a kid) and ami, French for friend.

Marsupilami’s adventures had been translated to several languages, like Dutch, German, Spanish, Portuguese and several Scandinavian languages. Added than three millions albums of the Marsupilami alternation are claimed to accept been awash by Marsu Productions[2].

Two albums of Spirou and Fantasio featuring Marsupilami, amount 15 and 16, were translated to English by Fantasy Flight Publishing in 1995, although they are currently out of print. In 2007, Egmont’s accessory Euro Books translated albums amount 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 14 for the Indian market.

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