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Maya the Bee Coloring Pages

Maya the Bee Coloring Pages

The aboriginal book of Bonsels is in fact absolutely short, below than 200 pages. The storyline is centered on the affiliation of Maya and her society, the adventures confined to brainwash the adolescent Maya. In the TV-series, on the added hand, the about emphasis of the adventures is increased.

Maya is a bee congenital in a bee accumulate during centralized unrest: the accumulate is adding itself into two new colonies. Maya is aloft by her teacher, Mrs. Cassandra. Admitting Mrs. Cassandra’s warnings, Maya is absorbed with admiration to analyze the advanced angel and commits the unforgivable abomination of abrogation the hive. During her adventures, Maya, now exile, befriends added insects and braves dangers with them. In the acme of the book, Maya is taken captive by hornets, the affliction enemies of the bees.

Prisoner of the hornets, Maya learns of a hornet plan to beforehand her built-in hive. Maya is faced with the accommodation to either acknowledgment to accumulate and ache her due punishment, extenuative the hive, or abrogation the plan unannounced, extenuative herself but antibacterial the hive. As may be expected, Maya, afterwards astringent pondering, makes the accommodation to return. In the hive, she announces the advancing beforehand and is, absolutely unexpectedly, pardoned. The forewarned bees celebration over the hornet beforehand force. Maya, now a charlatan of the hive, becomes a teacher, like Mrs. Cassandra and shares her adventures and acumen with the approaching generation.

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