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Meet the Robinsons Coloring Pages

Meet the Robinsons Coloring Pages

The blur begins in 1995 assuming a adolescent woman abrogation her babyish boy on the accomplish of an orphanage, area he lives thereafter. Twelve years later, this boy, alleged Lewis (Daniel Hansen and Jordan Fry), is a ablaze artisan of absurd devices, but has yet to be adopted and fears that he will never be. Assertive that his bearing mother abandoned him due to bankruptcy, he attempts to ad-lib a memory-scanning apparatus that will acquiesce him to bethink his mother in the hopes that he can acquisition her. His roommate, Michael “Goob” Yagoobian (Matthew Josten), becomes his abettor during continued hours of building, which causes Goob’s Little League baseball team’s achievement to suffer. Goob attempts to be supportive, but eventually tires of it.

At Lewis’s academy science fair, advised by Dr. Krunkelhorn (Laurie Metcalf), Lewis is approached by a thirteen-year-old boy alleged Wilbur Robinson (Wesley Singerman), who claims to be a “time cop” from the approaching and that a man cutting a bowler hat has baseborn a time apparatus that Wilbur wishes to recapture. The adverse ‘Bowler Hat Guy’ (Stephen Anderson), for whom Wilbur is searching, sends Doris (Ethan Sandler), a automatic hat with automated arms, to demolition Lewis’ memory-scanner. As Lewis begins demonstrating the use of his machine, it explodes, throwing the science fair into chaos. Lewis runs out, abrogation his machine, whereupon the Bowler Hat Guy steals the anamnesis scanner, now repaired by Doris.

At the orphanage, Lewis goes to the roof. Wilbur appears and tells Lewis to go aback to the science fair and fix the machine. While Lewis calls Wilbur’s barefaced at accepting a time cop, Wilbur still insists he’s from the future. Lewis agrees to fix his anamnesis scanner, below the action that Wilbur proves he is from the future. Wilbur afresh takes Lewis to a aerial time machine, and uses it to yield them to the year 2037, thirty years forward. Meanwhile, Goob is visited by the Bowler Hat Guy, who advises him to breeding whatever acerbity he has adjoin Lewis.

After giving Lewis a bout of the absurd angel of the future, Wilbur afresh intends to acknowledgment Lewis to the science fair. Lewis, however, realizes he can use the time apparatus to go aback and see his mother. Wilbur insists he go aback to fix the anamnesis scanner, and while arguing, Lewis and Wilbur bang the time machine. Wilbur asks Lewis to fix it, and Lewis agrees below the action that Wilbur yield him aback to appointment his mother afterward. Wilbur afresh takes Lewis to the barn of his house, area they are met by an android alleged Carl (Harland Williams) who starts screaming. In adjustment to burrow Lewis’ appearance from his family, Wilbur conceals his arresting hair below the now-famous Carmen Miranda bake-apple hat and hides him in the garage. However, Lewis chafes at Wilbur’s orders and leaves the barn to analyze the afflicted world. Lewis afresh meets Wilbur’s grandfather, Bud (Steve Anderson). Bud takes Lewis on a bout of the house, during which Lewis meets the blow of the alert and overly-eccentric Robinson ancestors alignment from:

* Wilbur’s affable mother Franny (Nicole Sullivan) who teaches frogs to sing and play agreeable instruments.

* The family’s squid-like butler Lefty (Nathan Greno).

* Bud’s wife Lucille (Laurie Metcalf), who is addicted of dancing.

* Bud’s brother Uncle Fritz and his “wife”, a duke boob alleged Aunt Petunia (both accurate by Ethan Sandler).

* Tallulah (Steve Anderson) and Laszlo (Ethan Sandler), who are Uncle Fritz and Aunt Petunia’s children.

* The ancestors dog Buster who is apparent cutting glasses (since his allowance won’t pay for contacts).

* Bud’s brother Uncle Joe whose consistently in his armchair and his wife Aunt Billie (Kellie M. Hoover) who is a alternation fanatic.

* Accompanying uncles Spike and Dimitri (both accurate by Ethan Sandler) who about attempt to accept a visiter beforehand their doorbell. No one knows who they are accompanying to.

* Beastly armament Uncle Gaston (Don Hall), who is Franny’s brother.

* Intergalactic pizza delivery-man Uncle Art (Adam West), who is Franny’s brother.

Assured that no one Lewis met knows that he is from the past, a adequate Wilbur explains that his father, Cornelius, the abandoned affiliate of the Robinson ancestors that Lewis did not meet, invented about all the affected inventions beforehand seen, bogus the adage “Keep affective forward”. Together, and with the advice of the ample and multi-talented Robinson family, Wilbur and Lewis accept to affected the annoyance to the approaching airish by the time-machine-stealing Bowler Hat Guy and Doris the bowler hat in adjustment to ensure that the Utopian approaching that the Robinsons reside in will appear to pass. Afterwards declining to kidnap Lewis by application a miniature archetype of Doris to authority apperception ascendancy over Franny’s beforehand frog Frankie (Aurian Redson), who refuses to abduction Lewis on area that he is too babyish to do so, the Bowler Hat Guy uses the time apparatus to accompany a Tyrannosaurus nicknamed Tiny (Joe Mateo) to abduct Lewis, application the aforementioned miniature hat to ascendancy him. Afterwards a action with Lewis and all the Robinsons against Tiny, Tiny is defeated by Lewis and Wilbur who administer to beating the mini Doris off his arch axis him into a accommodating creature. Lewis is abashed at how abundant the ancestors risked to save him, and Franny offers to accept Lewis. In adjustment to stop this, Wilbur reveals Lewis’ appearance black the added ancestors associates if Lewis assume accustomed to them. Wilbur explains to his ancestors that the Bowler Hat Guy bankrupt into the barn that captivated the time machines Cornelius Robinson invented which about acquired Franny to accede alerting Cornelius. Wilbur aswell admits that he aria if he promised to yield Lewis into the accomplished to see his mother. Lewis runs abroad in ache as Franny area Wilbur for his accomplishments afore Wilbur goes afterwards Lewis. Lewis bumps into the Bowler Hat Guy, who abducts him afore Wilbur can accompany him back.

At the abandoned orphanage, the Bowler Hat Guy reveals himself as an age-old and acutely acrimonious Mike “Goob” Yagoobian. He aswell reveals that Lewis is Cornelius Robinson, accurate Wilbur his son and the Robinsons his family. He afresh gain to acquaint Lewis that, accepting been kept alive all night by Lewis’ inventing, Goob was clumsy to break alive during the acute baseball bold and absent the acceptable catch, causing his teammates to exhausted him up in anger. Thereafter he bootless to accomplish accompany or access a family, for which acumen he artlessly backward in the abode (even afterwards it had bankrupt down) for 30 years. Ultimately, Goob adopted the acceptance that Lewis was to blame. He afterwards met DOR-15 (Doris), an apparatus of Cornelius’ that malfunctioned horribly, while aggravating to yield revenge. Anniversary of them had “a account to settle” with Lewis; accordingly they began to co-operate, basic an diff affiliation wherein (as is appear earlier) Doris would concoct affairs and the hardly addled Goob achieve them. They were able to access the time apparatus if Wilbur larboard the barn aperture open, and advised to use it to abduction and acquire Lewis’ aboriginal acclaimed invention.

Lewis tries to acquaint Goob that rather than adorning his resentment, he should accept just “let go of the past, and accumulate affective forward” (coining his approaching motto) but Goob refuses to listen.

Goob and DOR-15 afresh yield the apprenticed Lewis to the roof of the abode and adapt to present the baseborn apparatus to a association in Lewis’ time. Wilbur and Carl save him and run off. If Wilbur now knows about what Lewis abstruse from Goob while beat aback to the Robinson house, Carl is afresh disabled by DOR-15, who retrieves the anamnesis scanner. Goob, bedlam wickedly, states their approaching is about to change and warps into the past. Moments later, the backdrop about Lewis and Wilbur darkens, and Wilbur himself vanishes into oblivion, advertence that history has altered. Lewis, frightened, enters the al of a sudden abaft abode and discovers the memory-scanner hidden in the garage. Viewing its records, he discovers that afterwards mass-producing the memory-scanner, Goob did the aforementioned to Doris, whereupon the aggregation of automatic hats took ascendancy of their wearers, axis all of altruism into slaves. Goob himself is appropriate to accept been killed. The Utopian approaching amorphous by Cornelius’ inventions is replaced by a smog-darkened automated empire.

Dodging the hat-controlled Robinson family, a behemothic spider-legged bowler hat, and millions of abate hats, Lewis aliment the time apparatus and uses it to go to the absolute moment and area whereat Goob signs the arrangement at InventCo and dooms humanity. Lewis afresh tells his adversary that already she has what she wants, Doris will actuate of him. Doris tries to annihilate Lewis; at this, he causes the hat to abandon into abeyance artlessly by adage that he will never ad-lib her. Lewis afresh shows Goob Doris’ austere future, which is adapted afore their eyes into the Utopian future. Afterwards they acreage abreast the Robinson house, Wilbur is brought aback into existence. He attacks Goob at first, but is assertive by Lewis that the Robinsons should accept him. However, accepting apparent the abhorrence he had caused, Goob hides in shame.

At the abode now re-occupied by Wilbur’s family, Cornelius (Tom Selleck) assuredly appears aback from his business trip, meets his adolescent self, and gets a adumbration from Franny on how Wilbur was partially amenable for the missing time machines. In his lab, Cornelius passes on some words of acumen afore Lewis accept to leave. Afore abiding Lewis to his own time, Wilbur fulfills his affiance to Lewis by visiting the moment at which his mother abandoned him. Lewis abstains from affair her if it occurs to him that his approaching is assured. Lewis assuredly allotment to his own time and is able to anticipate Goob from acceptable the Bowler Hat Guy by alive him in time to bolt the brawl that wins him the game. Lewis afresh allotment to the science fair and requests a beforehand for his Anamnesis Scanner. Dr. Krunkelhorn accomplish advanced and tells him to set the destination for her alliance day. Aloft application the invention, it is appear that Dr. Krunkelhorn is Wilbur’s grandmother Lucille, and adumbrated that she and her new bedmate (Bud) will afterwards accept Lewis. Lewis afresh meets a babe alleged Franny, who is clearly his approaching bride, and encourages her to accompany her dream of teaching frogs to sing. Subsequently, Bud and Lucille accept Lewis, whose name they change at his own advancement to that of his beforehand self, Cornelius.

The anew renamed Cornelius is apprenticed to a bankrupt observatory, which will become the approaching Robinson home. Moments later, he is apparent designing inventions, of which some were apparent beforehand in the film. The closing chic includes Carl the android.

The blur ends with a commendation from Walt Disney: “Around here, however, we don’t attending backwards for actual long. We accumulate affective forward, aperture up new doors and accomplishing new things, because we’re curious…and concern keeps arch us down new paths”. This is adumbrated to be the abettor of Cornelius Robinson’s motto.

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