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The adventure is set in Monstropolis, a 1930s awakening city-limits inhabited by monsters, and centers about Monsters, Inc., the city�s ability company. Monsters, Inc. sends its advisers to animal children�s bedrooms to alarm the children, through teleportation doors set up on the plan floor. The screams of accouchement accomplish electric ability for the city. However, the monsters accept that accouchement themselves are toxic, and go to abundant lengths to anticipate contact; should a monster be afflicted by a adolescent or their belongings, the Adolescent Detection Agency (CDA) is alleged to acquit the afflicted being. With accretion numbers of accouchement acceptable desensitized to alarming things, Monsters, Inc. is award it difficult to abide to accommodated the ability demands of the city.

One day, James P. Sullivan (�Sulley�), Monsters, Inc.�s top scarer, finds a aperture on the plan attic afterwards hours in abuse of policy. Peering inside, he finds the child�s allowance empty. Sulley hides if he hears Randall Boggs, a aggressive co-worker, access the plan attic and allotment the aperture aback to the company�s aperture vault. Sulley prepares to leave but finds that a animal babe has followed him through the door, cerebration him to be a behemothic kitty. Sulley bound hides the adolescent and gets authority of Mike Wazowski, his accessory and constant friend, to amount out the situation. Together at Sulley�s home, they ascertain that getting afflicted by the adolescent is not adverse at all, and that if she laughs, the ability surges to absurd levels, about causing them to be detected by the CDA. Sulley nicknames the adolescent �Boo� and becomes her babysitter until they can get her aback home.

Sulley and Mike beard Boo as a monster and acknowledgment to Monsters, Inc. the next day. As Mike attempts to get the appropriate aperture to acknowledgment Boo, Boo wanders off into the plant, with Sulley giving chase. They accidentally blunder aloft Randall and his �scream extractor�, a accessory that takes the screams anon from a child, which requires Randall to in actuality kidnap the adolescent from their allowance and accompany to the extractor. Sulley takes Boo and attempts to acquaint Monsters, Inc.�s CEO, Herny J. Waternoose, about Randall, but is affected to authenticate his alarming abilities to new advisers afore he can do so. If he scares the apprentice subject, Boo becomes abashed of him, and reveals herself as a human. Sulley tries to explain the bearings to Waternoose, but comes to apprehend that Waternoose in actuality conceived the accomplished plan as to accumulate Monsters, Inc. a assisting business. To accumulate them quiet, Waternoose orders Sulley and Mike adopted to the Himalayas, and gives Boo to Randall to abstract her screams.

Sulley and Mike, afterwards a abrupt falling out, apprehend that Boo�s activity is in danger, and acquisition a adjacent apple area they locate a aperture affiliated to the plan floor. They are just in time to save Boo from the extractor, and attack to bolt Randall, eventually arch to a hunt on and through the millions of doors in the aperture vault. They eventually abduction Randall and advance him through a door, and again accident the aperture to pieces to anticipate him abiding through it. Sulley, Mike, and Boo again allurement Waternoose into a trap, banishment him to acknowledge his plan while they were recording it as to present the advice to the CDA. Waternoose is taken away, but the CDA insists that Boo have to acknowledgment to her world. Sulley and Mike say goodbye to Boo, and watch as the CDA put her aperture through a copse chipper, abbreviation it to splinters, one which Sulley holds assimilate as a keepsake.

Sometime later, Sulley has become the CEO of Monsters, Inc., and has afflicted their approach: instead of alarming children, they accomplish them laugh, which generates decidedly added energy, authoritative all the advisers happy. Mike reveals a appropriate activity to Sulley: he has managed to clean Boo�s aperture save the one section Sulley kept, and invites him to accomplishment it. Sulley places the endure section and enters the door, area Boo instantly recognizes him, abundant to Sulley�s happiness.

At the end, several absurd �outtakes� are apparent area the movie�s characters are portrayed as actors on an absolute set. There is aswell a low-budget agreeable put on for the advisers based on Mike�s lie of in actuality bearing a play to awning up the actuality that they were searching for Boo in the branch beforehand in the movie; the agreeable is a dramatized call of the film�s contest with several advisers replaying the roles they had in �real life� (excluding Randall, who is apparently still trapped in the animal world, his role abounding by one of the janitors).

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