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    When the Huns, led by the adamant Shan Yu (Miguel Ferrer), access China, the emperor commands a accepted mobilization in which anniversary ancestors is accustomed a acceptance notice. Fa Zhou (Soon-Tek Oh), accepting no son to fight, is affected to admit admitting his age and disability. Fa Mulan (Ming-Na Wen), his daughter, poses as a man and flees to accompany the army in his place. Mushu (Eddie Murphy), a baby dragon, campaign with her, in an attack to achieve his address a allotment of the ancestors ancestors by authoritative her a war hero. He, in turn, is accompanied by a dubiously �lucky�(?) candid called Cri-kee.

    Mulan gain into affected and meets adolescent soldiers, but below admonition from Mushu on how to act like a absolute man, accidentally starts a camp-wide brawl. In one of the tents, Accepted Li (James Shigeta) promotes his son Captain Li Shang (B.D. Wong) to Captain and orders him to alternation new troops while the Accepted attemps to stop Shan Yu at a adjacent abundance pass. Li Shang stops the affray and questions Mulan, who passes herself off as �Ping�. Li Shang begins a arduous training agenda and is visibly aghast at his new troop�s abilities, or abridgement thereof. Eventually he orders Mulan to acknowledgment home, but she succeeds in impressing him by retrieving an arrow from a alpine pole while brash down with assumption amulets. The troops, aggressive by this, all advance and become acceptable soldiers; and three in accurate : Ling, Yao and Chien Po become Mulan�s �buddies�.

    Mushu forges a letter from the General, acclimation Li Shang to accommodated him at the pass. The troops set out to accommodated Accepted Li, but acquisition the apple at the canyon razed and the Imperial Troops slaughtered. Afterwards pausing to mourn, they accomplish their way to the Emperor. As they journey, Mushu accidentally fires a cannon, giving their position abroad to the Huns. Shan Yu and a massive force activate stampeding down a snowbank appear the outnumbered troops. Mulan contest to a snowbank and fires the endure cannon at the abundance above, causing an barrage and burying the Huns. Shan Yu, affronted at the loss, alarmingly wounds Mulan afore getting affected by snow. Mulan and the troops almost escape the snowbank, Mulan extenuative Li Shang in the process. She succumbs to her wounds anon after, and while in care, is apparent to be a woman. While Chi Fu, the Emperor�s adviser (who had hidden below a bedrock while the others fought) demands she be killed, Li Shang relents and spares her for extenuative him, but banishes her from the troops as they arch to the city. Mulan and Mushu altercate the accurate acumen why they are there: he to get aback in the acceptable graces of the ancestors, she to prove she can do something appropriate for a change. As they adapt to leave, Shan Yu and bisected a dozen of his best warriors appear from the snow, and arch appear the Imperial City. Mulan bound decides to chase them and acquaint Shang.

    In the Imperial City, the troops are allotment of a array in their account as the �Heroes of China�, but none except Chi Fu are adequate themselves, as they are in shock about Mulan. Shang is afraid if Mulan rides up, but dismisses her warning. Mulan pleads with the associates of the army to accept her, but they agitate her off. Mushu reminds her she is a babe again, and they will not listen. Shang presents the Emperor with the brand of Shan Yu, but Shan Yu�s falcon snatches it from his easily and carries it to his adept on the roof of the palace. Shan Yu and his troops reveals themselves, abducting the Emperor and sequestering themselves in his palace. Mulan leads Shang and her three �buddies� (comically bearded as concubines), in a artifice to accomplishment the Emperor. Afterwards a struggle, Mulan eventually overcomes Shan Yu by adorable him into the aisle of fireworks. The Emperor and others in the Imperial City-limits all account Mulan. The Emperor presents her with his acme and Shan Yu�s brand to prove her accomplishments to anyone.

    Mulan campaign home and presents the ability to her father, but he throws the priceless treasures abreast and embraces her, calling her his �greatest allowance and honour�. Shang, accepting getting brash by the Emperor that �you don�t accommodated a babe like THAT every dynasty�, has followed her below the guise of abiding her helmet. He acquiescently accepts her allurement to break for dinner.

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