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My little Pony Coloring Pages

My little Pony Coloring Pages

A few Ponies and Spike are on their way to Flutter Basin for a celebration. They are active backward and to accomplish affairs worse, Draggle and Reeka, the witches from the Mountain of Gloom, are out to abduction them. But the witches’ affairs are aghast if the Flutter Ponies appearance up and save the Little Ponies. But the witches adjudge to hunt them to Flutter Valley, area they try to accomplish a barrage to aching the Little Ponies.

Part 2

Draggle mixes up the spell and it backfires, causing the witches to flee. Happy that the crisis has passed, the Little Ponies adjudge to go home. Angered at her daughters, Hydia armament them to eat doughnuts. Again she has a ancestors affair with her ancestors who acquaint her the best way to abort Flutter Basin is to seek out Queen Bumble and her bees. Reeka and Draggle go to Bumbleland and accomplish a angle to Queen Bumble, who agrees. Reeka conjures up a afflicted bubble and if the Flutter Ponies are distracted, Queen Bumble and her bees abduct the Flutter Ponies’ Sunstone and fly aback to Bumbleland. The Flutter Ponies initially hunt afterwards them, but already they adeptness Bumbleland they are trapped in a honeycomb.

Part 3

The Witches accept confused in to Flutter Valley, which is dying afterwards the Sunstone. Meanwhile, the Little Ponies accept met up with the Furbobs, cousins of the bushwoolies. But again they are attacked by Stonebacks, the Furbobs’ bitter enemies. In the struggle, they abatement down a bluff but administer to accomplish it cautiously to the coulee floor. The abandoned one who gets aching is Baby Cuddles, who injures her leg. Because Baby Cuddles is in pain, the Furbobs adjudge to yield her to their home of Furbobia.

Part 4

Less afflicted by the honey than the added Flutter Ponies, Morning Glory escapes the bore trap, and tries to fly to the Paradise Estate for help. Unfortunately the bees administer to anamnesis her and she is bound in a cage below the claimed bouncer Queen Bumble’s right-hand-bee, Sting. Meanwhile, the Little Ponies about administer to adeptness the Furbobs’ home, as it’s absolutely amidst by Stonebacks. Afterwards Baby Cuddles’ abrasion is treated, she, Cupcake and the Bushwoolies abide abaft while the others arch to Flutter Basin to seek advice adjoin the Stonebacks. While in Flutter Valley, the Witches adore a bold of turtle croquet, crowing that as anon as the sun sets, Flutter Basin will be broke forever.

Part 5

Morning Glory tries to acquire Sting’s sympathy, and seems to get about if she learns that he lacks aplomb in his aerial ability. However, even afterwards she coaches him and his flight somewhat improves, Sting refuses to set her free.

When the Little Ponies acknowledgment to Flutter Valley, it’s already addle so abundant that it’s unrecognisable. They’re captured by the Witches and affronted up in a net fabricated from Aagh’s web.

Pointer, the bees’ captain, informs the Queen that the Sun Bedrock continues to abound hotter – already, it burns to the touch. The Queen ignores his admonishing and a blaze break out. The bees evacuate, absolutely apathy the Flutter Ponies as the bonfire abutting in about their bore prison…

Part 6

When Sting realises that he’s been abandoned forth with the Flutter Ponies, he releases Morning Glory and knocks the Sun Bedrock off its torch. The bedrock burns appropriate through the ground, which bound extinguishes the blaze but makes the bedrock inaccessible. Morning Glory is devastated, answer that if the Sun Bedrock charcoal active until sunset, Flutter Basin will lose its abracadabra forever. Queen Bumble aswell wants the bedrock unearthed, and armament the Flutter Ponies to alpha digging for it.

The Ponies administer to bastard a Furbob out of the net and he leaves Flutter Basin in seek of help. At aboriginal Hydia is outragously angry, but Reeka convinces her that Furbobs are too brainless to affectation a threat, and they needn’t bother recapturing it.

Disgusted at the bees for abandoning him, Sting helps Morning Glory to escape and the two fly over the bubble in seek of Megan, whom Morning Glory remembers helped save them already before. Unfamiliar with the ambiance of a ranch, the brace attending for Megan in a barn – and instead ascertain a bull, who accuse them ferociously…

Part 7

Toro the balderdash knocks Sting to the arena and looks set to drove him. Morning Glory’s cries for advice allure Megan, who lures the balderdash into his pen with a red carpet. She again sits on it, acceptance Sting and Morning Glory to anniversary grab an end and accord her a ‘magic carpeting ride’ aback to Ponyland. They accommodated the able Furbob and go with him to Bumbleland.

Draggle tries to use her abracadabra to about-face the Little Ponies amethyst – a spell which backfires on Hydia, Reeka, Aagh, and her. She is larboard to bouncer the ponies abandoned while a ashamed Hydia, Reeka and Aagh go to the Volcano of Gloom to abolish it.

By now the Flutter Ponies accept dug a abysmal pit, and Pointer tries afterwards success to adeptness the active Sun Bedrock with a crane. Knocking him off, Honeysuckle uses the crane to aces up Queen Bumble and brandish her over the pit, aggressive to bead her unless the Flutter Ponies are set free. Refusing, Bumble instead manages to escape and orders her bees to attack. In her blitz to escape, Honeysuckle avalanche beeline down the pit and vanishes from sight…

Part 8

Megan, Morning Glory, Sting and the Furbob access in Bumbleland as Queen Bumble gloats over Honeysuckle’s adulterated escape. Sting wants to attack, but Megan wants to try acumen first, and asks Bumble to set the Flutter Ponies free. If the Queen action in her face, Megan anon changes tactic, claiming that the bees are surrounded. A action break out, but the bees abundantly outnumber Megan’s group, and accept anon captured them all.

Left abandoned with Draggle, the Little Ponies appropriate the befalling and action to advise Draggle how to use Pony Abracadabra – their ‘demonstrations’ set them chargeless and allurement Draggle in the net in their place. As they accomplish a run for it, they accidentally bang with a behemothic area of flypaper, bearded a part of the backdrop by Hydia – who now returns, absolution Draggle and imprisoning the Ponies in Aagh’s web already more.

As Queen Bumble realises she’s eaten every annual in Bumbleland, Honeysuckle sneaks accomplished and frees Megan’s affair from their cage. She tells them they accept to escape down the pit, and shouts “Stonebacks, now!”. An army of the creatures emerges from the hole, confusing the bees until Sting, Megan and all the Flutter Ponies accept escaped. The Furbob is abashed to follow, abashed that the Stonebacks are arch him into a trap. As he hesitates at the bend of the hole, Bumble’s absolute army accuse at him…

Part 9

Realising what’s happened, Megan grabs the Furbob and drags him down the hole, which leads to a huge underground cavern. The Stonebacks and Flutter Ponies bound accumulation clay into the hole, endlessly the bees from afterward them. Still suspicious, Furbob takes apartment abaft a bedrock and assault a raspberry to the Stonebacks, who al of a sudden become actual angry. Megan is puzzled, but Furbob tells her this is something that consistently happens. She realises that the two breed are declining to communicate, and tries to argue Furbob that they ability be friends.

The Flutter Ponies air-conditioned the Sun Bedrock with their Utter Flutter and the accumulation contest badly appear Flutter Valley. Seeing them coming, Hydia has Aagh body a web over the access and angle bouncer – but first, she gives him a abracadabra potion, canonizing that Megan has defeated Aagh already before. Aswell canonizing Aaghs weakness, Megan and the others amuse him with reeds, but the spider fails to be distracted. Rosedust despairs – they’re about out of time to get the Sun Bedrock aback afore Flutter Basin is gone forever…

Part 10

Megan leads the Stonebacks and Flutter Ponies to area Aagh can’t see them. Sting aswell appears, bringing with him Cupcake, Baby Cuddles, and the Bushwoolies and Furbobs. Working together, they adit below Aagh, and allegation into Flutter Basin as the arena collapses below the spider. The Witches accomplish a hasty retreat, and the Little Ponies are assuredly released.

Just as the Flutter Ponies accept assuredly alternate the Sun Stone, Queen Bumble arrives with her bees to snatch it. Sting confronts her, calling her fat, acquisitive and selfish. Rosedust convinces the Queen that they accept to share, and she agrees, arch her army aback to Bumble Land.

Flowers activate to bloom, but stop if a aphotic billow appears, blocking the absolute basin from the sun. Hydia has casting a spell, alive that if she abandoned delays the ponies until sunset, she can still abort Flutter Valley. The Flutter Ponies retaliate with Utter Flutter, alarming both the billow and the witches far above the valley. The Flutter Ponies, Little Ponies, Bushwoolies, Furbobs and Stonebacks all accompany the ball to bless the conservancy of Flutter Valley.

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