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Oliver and Company Coloring Pages

Oliver, an orange kitten, is absent in the streets. He is athirst and tries to abduct some hot dogs from a hot dog vendor, but afterwards success. A street-smart, wise-talking mongrel – anticipation from appearances, some array of Terrier blend – alleged Dodger offers his help. Calm they are successful, but Dodger runs off, attempting to leave the orphaned artful behind. He is agilely abashed if Oliver overtakes him, attempting to yield his bisected of the meal, but continues to balk the advancing babe with about ease, assuming off his artery abilities in the process.

Dodger eventually arrives at the barge of his owner, a pickpocket by the name of Fagin, alternating with his meal, to accord to his friends: Tito the ablaze Chihuahua, Einstein the ironically-named Abundant Dane, Rita the Saluki and the ever-serious Francis (Frankie), the Bulldog. No eventually does Oliver bastard into their home, amid beneath the city’s docks, than the dogs get into a fit of affronted and abashing over their visitor. Breaking it up is Fagin himself although he aswell has to accord with Einstein beating his face with a huge slobbery argot and the draft of the dogs jumping on him because he came in with a box of doggie treats. Fagin came in to see what appurtenances the dogs accept baseborn during the day for them to reside on. He’s abashed to ascertain that the dogs accept alternate with some abandoned trinkets. He informs them that he is active out of time to accord the money he adopted from Sykes, a adamant shipyard abettor and accommodation shark. If Sykes arrives, he sends in his two aboriginal Doberman Pinschers, Roscoe and Desoto to aback Fagin. Traveling out on a continued quay, he sees Sykes cat-and-mouse in his car, a Lincoln Continental Mark IV with a authorization bowl account “DOBRMAN”. Sykes outlines his conditions: the money accept to be paid in three days, or else. Fagin knows that he can’t acquisition the money, and that he is in a lot of trouble. During this scene, Roscoe flirts with Rita as Desoto finds and attacks Oliver, who scratches his nose. Dodger and his assemblage avert Oliver and the two Dobermans leave if Fagin arrives. Admiring Oliver’s adventuresomeness with DeSoto, Fagin welcomes the babe into the gang.

Next day, Fagin sets out into the city-limits with his basset menagerie, Oliver included, and tries to advertise his articles at a assurance shop, with no success. The animals, meanwhile, arise contiguous with a auto apprenticed by a butler alleged Winston. Winston is active by the Foxworth ancestors and is demography affliction of their babe Jennifer while the brace is out of the country, demography a business cruise in Europe. The dogs date an busy angle in adjustment to get Winston out of the car. Tito and Oliver blooper in and advance to abduct its radio to accord to Fagin so that he’ll accept something to assurance to pay aback Sykes. In accomplishing so, Tito gets comedically abashed by the electrical system, and Jennifer finds Oliver all circuitous up in the affairs abreast it. Oliver finds a acceptable home and a caring buyer in Jenny, to the annoyance of Winston and the Foxworth’s pampered, full-blooded poodle, Georgette.

Back on the street, Fagin’s dogs are discussing on a plan to retrieve the cat aback to their home barge. The plan is activated the afterward day, not animate that Oliver is now blessed area he is. During the operation, Tito barrage in adulation with Georgette, abundant to her disgust.

Back at the barge, Oliver feels that he does not wish to go aback to his dog accompany because Jenny is his buyer now. Little does he apperceive that he himself is Fagin’s best achievement for paying Sykes, for if the poor man comes aback from business, and sees the gold tag on the cat’s collar, he has an idea: with abandoned pencils and paper, he writes to the “Very Affluent Cat Buyer Person” at Oliver’s address, alternating with a map to adviser the aborigine to his home.

When Jenny allotment home from school, she finds the letter. Account it, she realises that she has to pay a ample bribe in adjustment to get her cat back. That night, she sets off for the city-limits docks alternating with Georgette to do so, alternating with the amid map.

Fagin now has to argue Sykes that his plan is air-tight abundant to pay him his money. Entering Sykes’ building, the accommodation bluff is not admiring to see Fagin does not accept the cash, and orders his dobermans to attack. Dodger defends Fagin, and Fagin pleads already added with Sykes. If Sykes sees Oliver’s gold tag, he believes that Fagin is assuredly “starting to anticipate big”, and calls off the dogs, giving Fagin twelve hours and admonishing Fagin, “This is your endure chance.”

Later, Jenny and Georgette accept become lost, blind that they accept accustomed at their destination. Frightened and upset, Jenny meets Fagin and explains that she’s aggravating to acquisition the abominable accepting who blanket her kitten. Fagin is addled that his “wealthy cat-owner” is just a little babe who has brought her aback coffer to try and save her pet. Activity guilty, he allotment Oliver to her. No eventually does she get Oliver aback than Sykes kidnaps her in adjustment to bribe her to her affluent parents, cogent Fagin to accumulate his aperture shut, and that their debt is settled. He afresh throws out Oliver, and drives abroad with Jenny. Oliver, Dodger and the assemblage go afterwards the villain, tracking him to his shipyard.

Once they access there, Fagin’s dogs and Georgette concoct accession alternation of affairs to save Jenny. But while they try to do so, Sykes and his Dobermans get in their way afore Fagin crashes in on his scooter/shopping cart/road block-combo to aces them all up. A hunt down the city-limits streets and into the alms ensues, Fagin and the assemblage antagonism abroad with Sykes affronted abaft them. Jenny is befuddled assimilate the awning of Sykes’s car, and Oliver all-overs and bites his hand, in adjustment to save Jenny. Unfortunately, he’s beatific to the aback seat, area Roscoe and DeSoto are cat-and-mouse for him. Dodger saves Oliver by banishment the two Dobermans out of the car, and causes them to abatement assimilate the electric tracks, killing them both. A alternation approaches all of them, and Fagin and the assemblage bend over on the larboard ancillary of the Manhattan Bridge to abstain it. But for Sykes, however, it is too late: he is asleep if the alternation crashes into him and his atramentous car, sending what’s larboard of both falling into the river.

Descending from the railings, anybody wonders what has happened to Oliver and Dodger; but as Dodger brings him out afore the draft it seems that Oliver is dead. Afresh while Jenny’s arrant the babe abominably mews, a blithesome assurance that he is alive.

Next morning, Fagin and the absolute accumulation bless Jenny’s altogether affair at her home. That aforementioned day, Winston receives a buzz alarm from Jenny’s parents in Rome that they will be aback tomorrow.

After the party, Dodger promises Oliver that he will acknowledgment from time to time to appointment him. Soon, Fagin and his assembly bid adieu to the Foxworths and Oliver as they arch home through the awash streets of New York City.

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