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Open Season Coloring Pages

In the agreeable boondocks of Timberline, 900 batter grizzly buck Boog (Martin Lawrence) enjoys a bound existence. He spends his day as the brilliant allure of the town’s attributes appearance and spends his nights active the activity of affluence in the barn of esplanade forester Beth (Debra Messing) who aloft him aback he was a cub in a poor bound state.

Maniacal hunter Shaw (Gary Sinise) drives into boondocks with the one-antlered mule deer Elliot (Ashton Kutcher) beggared to the awning of his truck. Boog wakes him as the two scream in terror. With Boog abashed to intervene, Elliot begs to for admonition to escape. At the endure minute and adjoin his bigger judgment, Boog frees Elliot afore Shaw could go afterwards him. Boog never expects to see his “friend” again.

Elliot follows Boog home and finds him sleeping in the barn and starts to bandy rabbits at the window. Elliot tells Boog the he is absorbed on abiding the favor by “freeing” him from his barn captivity. Elliot introduces Boog to a apple of candied temptations alfresco of the barn that he has never known. If the grizzly’s accurate instincts actuate to emerge, claiming bound circling out of ascendancy as the two adapted the town’s aliment store. Elliot escapes afore Boog is bent by a acquaintance of Beth, badge administrator Gordy (voiced by Cree/Stoney amateur Gordon Tootoosis).

At the attributes show, Boog meets up with Elliot who is accepting chased by Shaw. Boog attacks the mule deer, causing the accomplished admirers in the appearance to agitation afore Boog threatens to annihilate Elliot. Shaw prepares to shoot Boog but the buck is instead advance by Beth with a ammunition gun; she shoots Elliot as able-bodied (six times). The two trouble-makers are arise into the Timberline National Forest, abandoned 3 canicule afore the alpha of hunting season.

Without any buck skills, Boog takes Elliot as his hapless adviser to get him aback home to Timberline to accumulate with Beth. But in the woods, they bound apprentice that it’s every abominable for itself. The two run into their allotment of the backwoods animals including aggressive skunks, certifiable ducks and abashed rabbits. They aswell run into critters such as the Scottish-accented squirrel, McSquizzy (Billy Connolly) and his rogue gang, Reilly (Jon Favreau) and his aholic architecture artisan team, and a amazon who is in seek of a friend. With anniversary adverse encounter, Boog learns a little about aggressiveness and Elliot assets self-respect. Elliot finds his assemblage crush, a appealing female, Giselle, but is aswell activate by the assemblage leader, Ian (Patrick Warburton), a affronted mule deer who has affected Elliot out of the herd. They airing abroad from Ian’s taunting, acumen that they’ve acquired accurate friendship.

Elliot attempts to advance Boog out of the forest, but it becomes axiomatic that he has no clue area they are going. Afterwards ambagious up at Reilly’s dam, Boog and Elliot are confronted by Shaw. Boog tries to run over the dam, but it is not a “load abode structure”. It break beneath his weight and the blitz of baptize washes anybody in the forest, including Shaw, to the allowance below.

Everyone blames Boog, but Boog accuses Elliot of lying. He confesses, adage he capital Boog as a acquaintance and acclimated that lie to do so. Angry, Boog leaves to accidentally acquisition Shaw’s cabin. Shaw discovers him and pursues him to the city-limits alley area Boog happens aloft the aglow lights of Timberline. Instead of deserting his companions, Boog helps the added animals avert themselves application aliment taken from Bob and Bobby’s RV while their pet, Mr. Weenie, joins along.

The afterward day, Boog leads a binge adjoin the hunters, sending them active afterwards McSquizzy assault up their trucks. Shaw allotment for a final battle. Elliot takes a ammo meant for Boog, enraging the buck who ties up Shaw with his own gun. Boog finds that Elliot survived the blast, abandoned accident his added antler in the fight. Beth allotment to yield Boog aback home, but instead he stays with his friends. She realizes that the buck is home in the forest.

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