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Over the hedge Coloring Pages

Over the hedge Coloring Pages

GJ the raccoon, while foraging for food, encounters the comatose bear, Vincent and his ample accumulation of food. RJ tries to abduct it, but instead causes the aliment to be abashed in cartage on a adjacent road. Vincent threatens to annihilate RJ, but RJ bound promises to alter Vincent’s foodstocks. RJ discovers a adjacent abominable burghal community, an optimal antecedent for his task, and encounters a accumulation of backcountry creatures that accept just woken up from their own dawdling in the adjoining forest. The accumulation is led by Verne the turtle, and includes the hyperactive accumulate Hammy, Stella the skunk, ancestor and babe opossums Ozzie and Heather, and a ancestors of porcupines, Lou and Penny and their accouchement Spike, Bucky, and Quillo. The animals bound acquisition that a ample barrier was put in abode while they were sleeping to abstracted them from the draft of the abominable development, and are abashed to chance on the added side.

RJ uses the befalling to acquaint himself to the accumulation and explain that they could accept bigger aliment by scavenging off the humans. Admitting Verne is alert of RJ’s plans, the accumulation of animals bound acquisition that RJ is right, and accepting raiding the abominable development afresh for food. The dematerialization of aliment does not go unnoticed, and the development homeowner affiliation president, Gladys Sharp, calls in the admonition of a annoyance ascendancy specialist, Dwayne LaFontant, aka “The Verminator”, who installs an baffled annihilation arrangement in her backyard. Admitting abutting calls with Dwayne, the accumulation of animals continues to accumulate aliment from the humans, RJ secretly authoritative abiding the aliment calm will alter Vincent’s banal exactly. As the animals abide to aggregate aliment and added domiciliary items, they bound accompany in RJ as allotment of their continued family. RJ begins to feel accusable about ambuscade his accurate absorbed from them, and tries to access Verne about it, but cannot admonition but lie about the situation.

A final arrest planned by RJ afore Vincent’s borderline involves advancing Gladys’ home, which requires anyone to abstract her persian cat, Tiger; Stella is bound clean-cut to attending like a cat to draw Tiger’s absorption away. Admitting they are able to aggregate a lot of of the aliment in the kitchen, RJ aback reveals the accuracy to Verne as he tries to get a can of Spuddies that Vincent requires. During their argument, the animals are anon credible by Gladys and Dwayne, and admitting RJ gets away, the added animals are all captured. RJ takes the aliment to Vincent, but aloft seeing the added animals captured, uses the aliment to attenuate Dwayne’s van, acceptance him to chargeless the animals. Afterwards answer for application the accumulation to his own ends, RJ helps the others drive the van aback to the forest, chased by both Vincent and Dwayne. The animals try to yield apartment in the hedge, with Vincent aggravating to barb them out from one ancillary and Gladys and Dwayne aggravating to shock them and Gladys aggravating to use a weedwhacker on them from the added side. RJ and Verne arise up with a plan to accord Hammy an activity drink, which allows him to move at ablaze speed, acceptance him to cautiously actuate the annihilation accessories while adorable Vincent into Gladys’ backyard. Vincent, Gladys, and Dwayne are briefly abashed just afore they are actively afflicted by annihilation system. Abominable ascendancy is alleged to yield Vincent to a attributes preserve, while both Gladys and Dwayne are arrested for the use of atrocious traps. Stella finds that Tiger still has a drove on her admitting animate she is a skunk, as he has continued aback absent his faculty of smell, and both RJ and Tiger are accustomed into the group.

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