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Paddington Bear Coloring Pages

In the aboriginal story, Paddington is activate at Paddington railway base in London by the Brown family, sitting on his attache (bearing the characterization “WANTED ON VOYAGE”) with a agenda absorbed to his covering which reads, “Please attending afterwards this bear. Thank you.” Bond has said that his memories of newsreels assuming trainloads of adolescent evacuees abrogation London during the war, with labels about their necks and their backing in babyish suitcases, prompted him to do the aforementioned for Paddington.[4]

He has accustomed as a stowaway advancing from “Darkest Peru”, beatific by his Aunt Lucy (one of his abandoned accustomed relatives, abreast from an Uncle Pastuzo who gave Paddington his hat),[5] who has gone to reside in the Home for Retired Bears in Lima. He claims, “I came all the way in a lifeboat, and ate marmalade. Bears like marmalade.” He tells them that no one can accept his Peruvian name, so the Browns adjudge to alarm him Paddington afterwards the railway base in which he was found. Bond originally capital Paddington to accept “travelled all the way from darkest Africa”, but his abettor brash him that there were no bears in darkest Africa, and appropriately it was adapted to darkest Peru, home of the spectacled bear.[6]

They yield him home to 32 Windsor Gardens, off Harrow Alley amid Notting Acropolis and Maida Vale. The belief hunt Paddington’s adventures and mishaps in England.

When he gets affronted with someone, he about gives them one of his adapted “hard stares” (taught to him by Aunt Lucy), which causes the accepting to become ablaze and embarrassed.


There is a alternating casting of characters, all of whom are in some way active by Paddington’s misadventures. These include:

• Mr. Brown (Henry): A affable and about bootless city-limits worker.

• Mrs. Brown (Mary): Mr. Brown’s appropriately affable wife.

• Jonathan and Judy: The active and affable Brown children. It is never accustomed if one is earlier than the other, arch to the acumen that they are twins.

• Mrs. Bird: The Browns’ stern, but ultimately friendly, housekeeper.

• Mr. Gruber: Buyer of an age-old boutique on the Portobello Road, with whom Paddington has his elevenses every day.

• Mr. Curry: The Browns’ beggarly and bad-tempered next-door neighbour, who addresses Paddington artlessly as “Bear!”. He about invites himself to abounding of the Browns adapted occasions (though just to sample the snacks).

• Aunt Lucy: Paddington’s aunt from South America.

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