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    people-coloringPeople Coloring Pages

    A job is work that a person does to earn money. The word “job” is usually only used when a person works for someone else “an employer” who pays for the work. For example, a teacher’s job is to teach children or adults. A taxi driver’s job is to drive people in a taxi. A firefighter rescues people from burning buildings and puts out fires. A dermatologist’s job is to diagnose and treat skin diseases.

    * Employment, a person’s job or work in service of an employer

    * Profession, an occupation requiring specialized knowledge

    * Vocation, an occupation pursued more for altruistic benefit than for income

    * Career, a person’s occupational history

    * Day job, an occupation solely for income, while pursuing another preferred career track

    * List of occupations

    * Standard Occupational Classification System, developed and used by the U.S. government

    * Occupational prestige, the relative esteem in which a particular job is held

    * Occupational therapy, assisting people who have difficulty performing occupational functions

    * Occupational science, the study of humans as occupational beings

    * Occupational disease, chronic ailment resulting from work

    * Occupational crime, opportunistically committed in the course of legal occupation

    In a military context:

    * Military occupation, control of a territory by a military force

    * Law of occupation, portions of the law of war which relate to military occupation

    * List of military occupations, notable historical instances of military occupation


    * Occupation (protest), the temporary forceful occupation of a building, space or symbolic site

    * Occupancy, use of a building for shelter or support of persons, animals, or property

    * Occupation 101, 2006 documentary film about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

    * Occupation: Dreamland, documentary film about 82nd Airborne in Iraq

    * Occupation Double, a Canadian reality television show

    * “Occupation” (Battlestar Galactica), an episode in the third season

    * Occupation: Foole, comedy album by George Carlin

    * “The Beautiful Occupation”, song by the band, Travis

    Lists of people by occupation

    Archaeologists (0)

    Architects (2)

    Artists (4)

    Beauty pageant contestants (0)

    Business people (2)

    Businesspeople (0)

    Cartoonists (1)

    C cont.

    Chefs (3)

    Dancers (0)

    Designers (0)

    Entertainers (8)

    Explorers (5)

    Geographers (0)

    Historians (1)

    Inventors (3)

    Lawyers (0)

    Linguists (0)

    Military people (4)

    Models (4)

    Ninjas (0)

    Philosophers (3)

    Pirates (0)

    Politicians (2)

    Scientists (12)

    Sportspeople (5)

    Teachers (0)

    United Nations politicians (1)

    Video game designers (0)

    Writers (8)

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