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Peter Cottontail Coloring Pages

Peter Cottontail Coloring Pages

Seymour S. Sassafrass, an aberrant yet affable peddler, inventor, host, and narrator tells the account of Peter Cottontail, a adolescent Easter Bunny who lives in April Valley. April Valley is area all that is Easter (colored eggs, amber candy, etc.) comes from, all of it overseen by the Chief Easter Bunny.

Colonel Wellington B. Bunny, the backward Chief Easter Bunny, names adolescent Peter his almsman admitting Peter’s adeptness for boasting and cogent fibs, which is exemplified if his larboard ear droops. Peter, who has dreamed of accepting the Chief Easter Bunny about his absolute life, acquiescently accepts. But not anybody in April Valley is blessed with the Colonel’s decision. January Q. Irontail, an evil, antisocial aerial who lives in a broken old tree, abandoned except for his abettor Montresor, who is a bat, wants to be the Chief Easter Bunny… but abandoned so he can ruin it for accouchement everywhere, as animus for the accident of his tail, which was replaced with an adamant prosthetic.

Because the architecture of April Valley says abandoned the aerial who delivers the a lot of eggs on Easter morning can be Chief Easter Bunny, Irontail proposes that Colonel Bunny authority a claiming amid himself and Peter to see who wins. Peter, acquisitive to prove his worth, accepts Irontail’s claiming even as Colonel Bunny is advancing to about-face the affronted aerial down. Although Peter promises the Colonel that he won’t fail, he stays up backward partying with his friends. Admitting he sets his banty to deathwatch him up at 5:00, Irontail sabotages his acquaintance by giving it bewitched bubble-gum. The abracadabra gum causes the rooster’s crows to float so far abroad that Peter can’t apprehend them, consistent in Peter sleeping through and accident the contest.

Even admitting the acrimonious Irontail manages to bear abandoned one egg, it’s still one added egg than Peter delivers and so Irontail is alleged the new Chief Easter Bunny, as per the constitution. Immediately, Irontail begins to bones Easter by casual antic new laws that will absolutely accomplish the absolute anniversary a complete disaster. Meanwhile, Peter, abashed that his arrogance and absurdity led to this tragedy, leaves April Valley in shame.

He happens aloft Seymour S. Sassafrass, who in accession to accepting the narrator in the present is aswell the affable man who aliment April Valley with the dyes it uses to blush its Easter eggs. He gets them from his Garden of Surprises, which includes striped tomatoes, red cord beans and dejected watermelons. Proving to be a actual compassionate and compassionate man (if a somewhat offbeat one), Sassafrass offers to let Peter use his latest invention, the Yestmorrowmobile, a time machine. With the admonition of its pilot, a French caterpillar alleged Antoine, Peter will be able to go aback to Easter and balance the contest.

Unfortunately, Irontail finds out about Peter’s plan and sends a spider to demolition the Yestemorrowmobile’s controls, thereby acceptance Peter and Antoine to go to any anniversary but Easter! The rules of the claiming don’t accurately say the eggs accept to be delivered on Easter, so Peter begins aggravating to accord his eggs abroad at added holidays, afterwards success. Alternating the way he meets Donna, a admirable babe bunny, and keeps constant in his chance even admitting no one seems to wish eggs on any anniversary except Easter… Antione aswell disappers and is larboard abaft in Christmas World, and Peter rescues a talking beanie and to accomplish affairs worse, Irontail and Montresor the bat are consistently aggravating to abduct the eggs or contrarily demolition Peter’s efforts, eventually afterwards in axis them a blotchy blooming color.

After abounding bootless efforts, including a agent advance to angle the eggs as “explosive” torpedoes on the 4th of July, he assuredly manages to accord the blooming eggs abroad on St. Patrick’s day, a anniversary themed by the adapted color. As a result, Peter is crowned Chief Easter Bunny, and Antoine allotment as a butterfly.

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