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There are assorted differences amid the Disney film, and the Barrie play on which it is based. (“The Disney Version” is a appellation acclimated about with attention to Disney Productions to accredit to such differences amid the belief and characters as portrayed in Disney productions and as portrayed in the aboriginal novels, stories, or classical bogie tales.)

Until this movie, the role of Peter Pan had consistently been played by a adolescent woman. Instead, Walt Disney chose to use an absolute boy to accommodate the character’s voice.

The blur was aswell the aboriginal time in which Nana and the Crocodile (named Tick-Tock the Croc in comics arise later) were apparent as beastly characters rather than played by actors – sometimes the aforementioned one – as in the date play. In the aboriginal 1911 novel, Nana was a Newfoundland, instead of a St. Bernard as she is in the 1953 movie.

In the date play, Wendy is hit by an arrow accursed by a absent boy aloft aboriginal accession in Neverland. However, Peter saves her afore any abrasion in the Disney version.

The Disney adaptation was one of the aboriginal times that Tinker Bell was apparent as an absolute sprite and not artlessly a axle of ablaze – but not the first, as she had been portrayed by a woman in an beforehand film. In the Disney blur she is illustrated as a adolescent woman, with fairy-wings, cutting a blooming dress that looks like foliage, and blooming slippers with white puffs on top. Tinker Bell’s “death” is aswell abnormally depicted. In the aboriginal play she drinks adulteration advised by Captain Angle for Peter; in the activated blur she gets agape out by a bomb. A key moment in the reside performances of the play and the musical, accouchement in the admirers are encouraged to applause in adjustment to “bring Tinker Bell aback to life”. This does not arise in the film.

In the play, Captain Angle is said to be eaten by the crocodile. In the activated film, he never gets eaten but avalanche into the crocodile’s aperture on assorted occasions, alone to jump out agreeable for Smee abnormal later.

The byword from the aboriginal play, “second to the appropriate and beeline on till morning”, in the blur adds the chat “star”: announced by Peter Pan while continuing on one of Big Ben’s alarm hands, as “second brilliant to the appropriate and beeline on till morning.”

Although aboriginal columnist Barrie is credited, this is the alone above blur adaptation of “Peter Pan” which does not use any of his aboriginal dialogue, although one of Barrie’s aboriginal curve is paraphrased if Angle aboriginal tells Smee why the Crocodile is consistently afterward him. Even the live-action agreeable versions, as able-bodied as the 1924 bashful blur version, use Barrie’s aboriginal dialogue. One of the few date traditions that Disney did absorb for the activated blur was to accept Captain Angle and Mr. Darling be played by the aforementioned actor. In this case, Hans Conried not alone accurate both characters, he was the live-action advertence for them, as well. Also, in the aboriginal play, Angle absent his appropriate hand, but the Disney artists acquainted that would absolute his accomplishments too much, and so relocated the angle to his larboard hand. (This is referenced in the cine if Wendy corrects a Captain-Hook-playing John that the angle was on the larboard hand, not the right.)

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