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pictures to print and color

pictures-to-print-and-colorpictures to print and color

Do you want to keep your kids busy, then pictures to color is at the top of their list of favourite toys or television shows. Do not ignore this fact! Use their love of coloring pages to introduce them into the world of computers! It is what I’ve done and my toddlers can now surf their favourite children’s websites without any assistance. It’s going to be their world so why not give them a head start? Computers and internet is going to be a huge part of our children’s future.

This article is about pictures of coloring for a reason. For my story, this was the catalyst. I would just mention pictures of coloring pages and my kids would instantly run to the computer and start to point their fingers. It was the start of their computer interest! There are a few things of course you should be aware of to keep things under control.

First, pique your child’s interest. You know they love pictures to color, so simply visit a pictures of Explora website. Ask them to watch you! Then find a pictures of coloring section or search for pictures of coloring pages. Ask them what pictures of pics they really like and tell them to point to their favourites. Now, of course this pointing can be a problem if you have a flat screen LCD monitor. Remember to tell your kids that their fingers or anything else should not touch the screen surface. Ever! With that out of the way, let them point to their favourite pictures of pics! Here is where it gets really fun. Print out that pictures of coloring page and watch the excitement. Before you print it out, show them the location of the printer and tell them to watch it and get ready. The noise and excitement will really get them involved! Once you’ve printed off an image, the smiles are guaranteed!

Once the initial point and screaming of the pictures of coloring experience has lessened, you can move it to the next level. You can let them start clicking on the images that they want. You will have to take over on the actually printing process, but having them use the mouse and learning about how it works are very valuable skills. Never underestimate your child. My youngest was using the computer before she turned two years old. Yes, she had an older sister that she watched, but she did learn very quickly at two years old.

Use pictures of coloring and the experience it brings to peak your child’s interest in computers and the internet. There are many valuable learning experiences just waiting for them! Education game and websites in the thousands can keep the interest of the most scattered three year old! I hope you use pictures of coloring as a way to introduce your child to computers and the internet.