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Pink Panther Coloring Pages

The Pink Panther is the capital appearance in a alternation of activated abbreviate films. The appearance originally appeared in the aperture and closing acclaim sequences of the 1963 live-action affection blur The Pink Panther. The acceptance of the appearance spawned a alternation of activated abbreviate films, and the appearance would arise in the aperture arrangement of every blur in The Pink Panther alternation (except for A Shot in the Dark and Inspector Clouseau). The air-conditioned cat starred in 124 shorts (either affected or made-for-television), 10 television shows and 3 television specials (primetime).

As of September 2007, the cartoons can be beheld on Boomerang, Voom HD Networks’ Animania HD, Teletoon Retro and the abounding accumulating has been fabricated accessible on DVD. In India, the cartoons accept been apparent on Pogo from February 2006 onwards.

The activated Blush Panther character’s antecedent actualization in the reside activity film’s appellation sequence, directed by Friz Freleng, was such a success with audiences and United Artists that the flat active Freleng and his DePatie-Freleng Enterprises flat to a multi-year arrangement for a alternation of Blush Panther affected action shorts.

The aboriginal access in the series, 1964’s The Blush Phink, featured the Panther afflictive his foil, a little white moustached man who somewhat resembles the activated adaptation of the affection films’ Inspector Clouseau (this appearance is clearly accepted as “The Man” [1]), by consistently aggravating to acrylic the little man’s dejected abode pink. The Blush Phink won the 1964 Academy Award for Activated Short Film, and consecutive shorts in the series, usually featuring the Panther adverse the little man, were acknowledged releases.

In an aboriginal alternation of Blush Panther activated cartoons, the Blush Panther about remained silent, speaking alone in two affected shorts, Sink Blush and Blush Ice. Rich Little provided the Panther’s articulation in the closing shorts, modelling it on that of David Niven (who had portrayed Clouseau’s jewel-thief nemesis in the aboriginal live-action film). Years afterwards Little would overdub Niven’s articulation for Trail of the Blush Panther and Curse of the Blush Panther.

All of the activated Blush Panther shorts activated the characteristic activated affair music composed by Henry Mancini for the 1963 affection film, with added array composed by Walter Greene.

By the backward 1960s, the Blush Panther cartoons were getting apparent Saturday mornings on NBC. Blush Panther shorts fabricated afterwards 1969 were produced for both advertisement and blur release, about actualization on television first, and appear to theatres by United Artists. A amount of sister alternation abutting The Blush Panther on movies screens and on the airwaves, a part of them The Ant and the Aardvark, The Tijuana Toads (a.k.a. The Texas Toads), Hoot Kloot, and Misterjaw (a.k.a. Mr. Jaws and Catfish). There were aswell a alternation of activated shorts alleged The Inspector, with the bumbling Clouseau aggressive Inspector and his Spanish-speaking accessory Sgt. Deux-Deux, whom the Inspector is always correcting. (“Deux” is French for “two”, acceptation the little man’s name is both a pun and a play on words, “two” actualization two times in the name.) Added DePatie-Freleng alternation included Roland and Rattfink, The Dogfather (a Godfather pastiche), with a basset Corleone ancestors and two Tijuana Toads spinoffs, The Dejected Racer and Crazylegs Crane.

In 1976, the half-hour alternation was revamped into a 90-minute format, as The Blush Panther Laugh and a Half Hour and a Half Show; this adaptation included a live-action segment, area the show’s host, actor Lenny Schultz, would apprehend belletrist and jokes from viewers. This adaptation flopped, and would change aback to the aboriginal half-hour adaptation in 1977.

In 1978, afterwards nine years on NBC, The Blush Panther confused to ABC, area it lasted one division afore abrogation the arrangement branch entirely. The ABC adaptation of the alternation featured sixteen episodes with 32 new Blush Panther cartoons, and 16 of Crazylegs Crane. The 32 new Blush Panther cartoons were eventually appear to theatres by United Artists.

DFE films was the endure flat to aftermath new affected cartoons, assuredly catastrophe assembly on The Blush Panther and the added alternation in 1980. That year, United Artists Television amalgamated a half-hour, repackaged adaptation of the series, complete with aboriginal affected intros, outros and NBC-produced bartering bumpers, to bounded stations. Due to acknowledged obligations, abounding stations showed the alternation in the evening, as against to mornings or afternoons. The alone cartoons were amalgamated to bounded stations alpha in the abatement of 1982, with the NBC-added canned amusement removed from the soundtracks.

A individual action preceded the capital affection in earlier James Bond VHS releases. In backward 2004 in the UK and afterwards in February 2006 in the US, all of the Blush Panther cartoons were appear on DVD from MGM Home Entertainment.

Richard Williams’ flat activated the appearance in the acclaim sequences of two of the affected Panther features, The Return of the Blush Panther (1975) and The Blush Panther Strikes Again (1976). All the added films in the alternation affection action by DePatie-Freleng.

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