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Sam Butcher originally started scribbling the now acclaimed accouchement with tear-drop shaped eyes on cards and belletrist to accompany and families. Butcher and his acquaintance Bill Biel started a baby aggregation beneath the name of Jonathan & David (J&D) to aftermath and advertise his art on a band of cards and posters. J&D awash some greeting cards at flea markets but sales were bare and localized at first. The big breach came at the Christian Booksellers Association Convention in Anaheim, California. Butcher remembers getting so active that they had to accept adjoining vendors appear over to advice him and Biel ample orders.

Butcher’s plan was noticed by Enesco in 1975. Enesco searched for added than a year searching for a artist to amuse Sam’s vision. In 1977, the ceramics figurines were alien to US retailers, and clearly started its retail career in 1978.

At first, the ceramics figurines were awash beneath the J&D name, but during the mid 1980s (J&D beneath stamps can be begin up until 1986), due to differences in business behavior with Biel, J&D was dissolved. Enesco took over the distributorship from again on. Also about the aforementioned time, Butcher set up the “Sam Butcher Foundation” and “Precious Moments, Inc.” By 1988, Enesco artists were cartoon the assembly designs instead of Sam Butcher himself. This convenance connected on afterwards PMI’s reign.[8]

Years passed, and according to the barter annual Gift Beat, Precious Moments became one of the top ceramics collectible cast in the United States during the mid 1980s to 1990s. But in 1997, sales ailing and by the about-face of the millennium, Enesco could not accomplish abundant acquirement to pay PMI it’s minimum licensing fees of 15 actor US dollars. Enesco attempted to renegotiate with PMI but was unsuccessful, and in 2005, the two companies went their abstracted ways.

From the aboriginal 1970s illustrator Sam Butcher, calm with his accomplice Bill Biel, awash greeting cards at Christian book fairs beneath the aggregation name of Jonathan & David (aka J&D). In 1977, J&D partnered with Eugene Freedman from Enesco, Corp. to advertise giftware.

With the growing demand, J&D absolutely accountant the business to Enesco in 1986. Within a few years J&D was attenuated and Precious Moments, Inc. was formed in its abode to accelerate licensing agreements with Enesco.

During its adjustment with Enesco, PMI calm 15 actor US dollars per year as the minimum licensing fee, which amounted to 80% of PMI’s gross revenues.

In 1998, PMI delegated its absorb licensing action to United Media (aka UM), a wholly endemic accessory of E. W. Scripps. During this arrangement, PMI captivated little albatross to the licensing activities of its own bookish acreage amid 1998 and 2005. With UM as its licensing agent, PMI accountant its acreage out to added than 150 manufacturers and vendors.

In 2003, Trivest Partners, LP, an American investment close based in Florida, attempted to buy out PMI. Instead the parties adjourned for a administration adjustment for the licensing and affair esplanade business. This brought in abounding new admiral to the company, such as Dan Huwel. [2] Trivest’s ambition was to access disinterestedness by accumulated acquisitions and recapitalizations.[3]. For PMI, this meant recapturing the Precious Moments cast name from Enesco, reacquiring all architecture assets such as illustrators and sculptors, and accepting absolute ascendancy over the accomplishment and administration accumulation chains.[4]

In 2004, PMI absitively to cut itself off from Enesco—two years beforehand than the agreement of their licensing contract. The aboriginal move was due to falling sales by Enesco and its disability to accomplish the minimum licensing fee of 15 actor US dollars.[5] As the Precious Moments cast was still answerable for a lot of of its revenues, Enesco approved to renegotiate a adjustment with PMI – but with Trivest at its helm, the plan was to yield the cast abroad from Enesco. In July 2005, PMI became the sole benefactor for the Precious Moments products. In accession to its aboriginal licensing duties, the company’s functions became artefact design, marketing, warehousing, and distribution.

In January 2006, Jon Butcher stepped down as admiral and CEO and PMI accustomed Byron Norfleet (previously admiral of the Naturalizer analysis of Brown Shoe) as its new CEO and president.

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