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printable easter coloring pages

Easter is a Christian holiday. According to Christian scripture (in the book called the Bible), it is the day when Jesus Christ said that he returned from the dead. Christians believe that the most holy day of Easter this year. Easter is a Christian holiday celebrated on the first Sunday of the first full moon after the first day of spring.

Easter is not observed on the same day every year. Currently, all the Christian churches from the time of the agreement. Easter is celebrated the first Sunday of the first full moon, at least 14 days before the spring equinox. This means that celebrated in March or April, most of the time.

Western churches, the Roman Catholic Church uses the Gregorian calendar and the Eastern churches, such as the Eastern Orthodox Church using the Julian calendar. Therefore, the date of Easter celebrations that two different churches, despite how it is calculated on the same date.

Some people who are not Christians celebrate the beginning of spring at Easter.

The word Easter comes from the old German word for April.