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Rocket Power Coloring Pages

Rocket Power is an American activated television alternation that aired from August 16, 1999 until July 30, 2004 on Nickelodeon.

A appearance based about acute sports, friendship, and acquisition the ups and downs of life, Rocket Power involves the circadian situations of a accumulation of friends, Otto, Reggie, Twister, and Sam, as they are active in the apocryphal boondocks of Ocean Shores, California.

Rocket Power was produced by Ben Hail for Nickelodeon. While episodes are bound to Sunday mornings on that approach in the US, the appearance can added frequently be apparent on the Nicktoons Network. Episode admiral included Michael Daedalus Kenny, Brian Yoder, David Eigsti.

Ocean Shores, the city-limits the appearance takes abode in, is about based on the absolute Californian City-limits of Santa Monica. Some hints cover the “Incline,” agnate to the California Incline in Santa Monica, the City’s skyline and the pier, agnate to the Santa Monica Pier. Ocean Shores was said to be in Los Angeles County as they frequently ski at the Mount Baldy Ski Lifts on Mount San Antonio, the tallest abundance in Southern California.

The affair song is performed by Devo beneath the name “The Wipeouters”.

* Otto Rocket (Joseph Ashton), An obsessive-compulsive, and greatly successful and courageous athlete whose cocky attitude and short sighted judgment often get him into trouble. Otto is shown in the opening theme wearing an earring, though he never wears one in the main show. Otto doesn’t try hard in school and as a result he doesn’t get good grades. Otto is Twister’s best friend. He is the most well rounded character in extreme sports. Otto is also the leader and cheif idea-starter of the group.

* Regina “Reggie” Rocket (Shayna Fox), Otto’s big sister by a year, an aspiring publisher who, while no less competitive and skillful as an “athlete,” happens to be of calmer disposition and much more mature. Reggie is most noted for her “magazine” (dubbed “The Zine”). She’s the show’s biker.

* Maurice “Twister” Rodriguez (Ulises Cuadra; Gilbert Leal), Otto’s best friend and a “daredevil” on wheels and aspiring “videographer.” He hates to be called by his real name, and he is often seen being teased by his big brother, Lars. Twister’s reputation of being the least smart member of the “group” is one of his flaws. Twister is best at skateboarding and rollerblading.

* Samuel (also known as Sam/ Sammy)”Squid” Dullard (Sam Saletta; Gary LeRoi Gray; Sean Marquette; Mike Lane), a Kansas native, who while not as athletically gifted as the others has found a niche as the brains and conscience of the group–and also as a “rock-solid” goalie when they play hockey (“New Squid in Town”, “Power Play”). Sam’s reputation of being the smartest member of the group is, at times, one of his flaws. The character of Sam is based on the show’s creator. Sam’s mom is over protective and she forced Sam to skip the 5th grade. Sam was originally the least athletic character, but eventually developed an expert level of surfing and decent abilities in other sports.

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