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Rooster Coloring Pages

A rooster (also cock or chanticleer) is a macho craven (Gallus gallus), the changeable getting alleged a hen. Immature macho chickens of beneath than a year’s age are alleged cockerels. The oldest appellation is “cock”, from Old English coc. But because “cock” is about acclimated as a argot appellation apropos to the penis, this appellation is about abhorred for the account of both accordance and clarity, although it charcoal accurate. It is replaced by synonyms: “cockerel” (which appropriately refers to a adolescent macho chicken) in the United Kingdom, and “rooster” (a about neologism) in North America and Australia. “Roosting” is the activity of perching aloft to beddy-bye at night, and is in fact done by both sexes. The rooster is polygamous, but cannot bouncer several nests of eggs at once. He guards the accepted breadth area his hens are nesting, and will advance added roosters who access his territory. During the daytime, he about sits on a top perch, usually 4–5 anxiety off the ground, to serve as a anchor for his flock. He will complete a characteristic anxiety alarm if predators are nearby.

The rooster is about (accurately) pictured in art as crowing at the breach of dawn. He can about be apparent sitting on fence posts or added objects, area he crows to affirm his territory. However, a rooster ability babble at any time of day, if he looks into the sun – even sometimes on a ablaze ablaze night. He has several added calls as well, and can babble the aforementioned as a hen. Roosters will occasionally accomplish a arrangement afterward clucking complete to allure hens to a antecedent of food.

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