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Shark Tale Coloring Pages

Shark Tale Coloring Pages

• Will Smith as Oscar, the Bluestreak cleaner wrasse. The film’s protagonist, Oscar is an backward artisan in the Whalewash of Beach City. He has a adroitness for creating schemes to accomplish himself rich, but accept to ask for advances on his bacon to accounts them. Anniversary plan ultimately fails, but leaves him in debt to his boss, Sykes. Sykes insists that Oscar accord him in full, a absolute of 5,000 clams. It is afresh that Oscar hatches his better plan, to become acclaimed as a “shark slayer” if he makes anybody in the beach accept that he asleep Frankie, the oldest son of Lino. His best acquaintance Angie thinks that he has aria in adjustment to become famous, and Oscar hasn’t been the aforementioned aback their credible breakup.

• Robert De Niro as Don Lino. Ancestor of Frankie and Lenny, and the baton of a mob of criminally-inclined sharks, Lino is the capital adversary of the blur who abandoned wants Lenny to be a analgesic shark. His home is a alveolate affluence ship. If he thinks Oscar has asleep Frankie, he becomes depressed as he knows anybody active in the cruise address admired Frankie for who he was. If Lenny runs away, he sends squads to acquisition him. If Oscar pretends to defeat Lenny, he knows that things accept to be done and he decides to accomplish Oscar as the “Catch-Of-The-Day”. He is a apology of Don Vito Corleone in The Godfather.

• Renee Zellweger as Angie. An abyssal angelfish and Oscar’s best acquaintance and coworker, Angie harbors a abstruse adulation for him and in adjustment win a hunt for Sykes, she gives him her grandmother’s fair to be out of debt to win the race. Soon, if Oscar owns the appellation “Sharkslayer”, Angie learns that Oscar aria in adjustment to accept his fame.

• Jack Atramentous as Lenny. A abundant white shark, Lenny isn’t frequently a meat-eater—he’s a vegetarian. If it comes to his adolescent sea creatures, he has bound jaws. Lenny becomes depressed if his brother, Frankie, is asleep and ran off from home area he about befriends Oscar. He is aswell the adolescent son of Lino.

• Angelina Jolie as Lola. A alluring gold-digger bobcat angle whom Oscar develops a adulation absorption for, although it is afterwards activate that Lola is up to no acceptable and is abandoned application him for his acclaim and fortune.

• Martin Scorsese as Sykes. Oscar’s employer, Sykes is a porcupinefish who wants Oscar to get 5 thousand clams in adjustment to pay off Don Lino. Oscar bets the money and if the hunt is lost, he orders Ernie and Bernie to forward Oscar to the Wastelands. If Oscar owns the appellation of “Sharkslayer”, he is captivated to become his administrator and he didn’t accept an abstraction that Oscar hadn’t asleep Frankie, the oldest son of Lino.

• Ziggy Marley and Doug E. Doug as Ernie and Bernie. Two afraid and Oscar’s part-time friends, Ernie and Bernie are the two Jamaican bodyguards and henchmen of Sykes. Ernie and Bernie are frequently altered from anniversary added and the two were possibly abundant accompany who plan at the Whalewash. They are bedeviled at arena video amateur and adore jabbing Oscar with their abandoned stingers. Ernie and Bernie accept problems with answering the calls during the time at the Whalewash if Angie had been captured, as they kept messing up the business’ motto.

• Michael Imperioli as Frankie. The oldest, added aboriginal son of Lino, Frankie is Lenny’s brother who frequently is a analgesic bluff and consistently works at his father’s cruise address yet he was consistently accepting about to eat. If Lenny makes up a mistake, Frankie is assassin to alternation Lenny to become a abominable analgesic and they blunder aloft Oscar in the Wastelands. Frankie tells Lenny to advance him but if Lenny fakes the attack, Frankie becomes affronted with him and afterwards a abrupt chase, he prepares to eat Oscar but he ultimately has his fate if an ballast barrage and hits him, killing him. Anybody thinks that Oscar brutalized him but it wasn’t absolutely real.

• Vincent Pastore as Luca. Lino’s “left-hand, right-hand man” thug, Luca is an octopus who about is an asinine affectionate of person.

• Peter Falk as Don Feinberg. An age-old bobcat bluff who is a acquaintance to Don Lino.

• David P. Smith as Crazy Joe. A deranged anchoress backtalk who is Oscar’s added acquaintance and accepting a “crazy attitude”, he frequently lives in a dumpster abreast the Whalewash.

• Katie Couric as Katie Current, the bounded reporter. At the time, Couric hosted the Today Appearance in America. In the Australian release, afresh bounded Today Appearance co-host Grimshaw dubbed the lines, as did Phillips of the UK’s GM-TV for the UK absolution of the film. Cristina Parodi of Italy’s Verissimo provided the Italian adaptation of the character.

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