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The central part of the plot begins when Arabian pirate named Sinbad is sent on a quest to find the legendary Book of Peace, a mysterious artifact that Eris, the Greek goddess of chaos, has framed him for stealing. Given his background as a pirate, Sinbad’s accusers do not believe his protestations of innocence. Sinbad’s childhood friend Prince Proteus of Syracuse intervenes, offering to stay imprisoned in Sinbad’s place while Sinbad quests to recover the Book; if Sinbad cannot recover it and does not return in the time alotted for his quest, Proteus will receive Sinbad’s death penalty. Initially, Sinbad attempts to escape outright; but discovers that the Lady Marina of Thrace, Proteus’s fiancée, has stowed away on board, determined to ensure that Sinbad fulfills his obligation to his friend. Influenced by her (and his own conscience), Sinbad ultimately decides to undertake the quest.

This story takes the name Sinbad, the presence of a Roc, and the incident wherein Sinbad and his crew encounter an island that turns out to be the back of a gigantic sea-beast from the Arabian Nights; however, much of the setting is derived from Greek mythology, including the presence of monsters that also appear as constellations, a trip to Tartarus to recover the Book, and an encounter with the Sirens. The plot scenario of Proteus taking Sinbad’s place is similar to the legend of Damon and Pythias. Throughout the film, Eris appears as a sadistic femme fatale who is constantly in sinuous motion. During the quest, Marina and Sinbad fall in love with each other.

Ultimately, Sinbad reaches Tartarus and enters it, accompanied only by Marina. He meets with Eris, and realizes that her true goal in the theft was to prod Proteus into surrendering his life for Sinbad’s, thus throwing the society whereof Syracuse is part into chaos.

Eris agrees to surrender the Book if Sinbad truthfully answers this question: ‘if he cannot gain possession of the Book, will he fulfil his promise and return to die in his friend’s place?’. Sinbad says he will return; but Eris accuses him of lying and sends him and Marina back to Earth without the Book. Sinbad admits to Marina that he was lying, and that he did not intend to keep his word and die, even to save the life of his friend. Marina begs him to flee, hoping to return alone to Syracuse and somehow save both Proteus and Sinbad. Sinbad nevertheless travels back to Syracuse, where he embraces the death penalty. Before the executioner can kill him, Eris intervenes, furious at Sinbad for his decision. Sinbad quickly realizes that, despite doubting himself earlier, he has indeed kept his word to return to Syracuse and surrender his life for Proteus, and that Eris, as a goddess, is bound to hold true to her promise to give him the Book. She gives him the Book and disappears, promising to find other places to destroy, whereupon Sinbad opens the Book to fulfill its purpose. Later Sinbad leaves Syracuse to embark on another voyage, leaving Marina behind despite their burgeoning romance. Proteus realizes that Sinbad and Marina have fallen in love and bids Marina to go with Sinbad. She and Sinbad sail away,

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