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solar system coloring pages

solar system coloring pages

solar system coloring pages

The Solar System is the astronomical name for the Sun, the Earth, and the collection of planets and other rocky and icy objects moving around, or orbiting, the Sun.

The main component of the Solar System is the Sun, which contains 98.6 percent of the system’s mass and whose gravity holds everything else in orbit.

The Earth’s orbit around the Sun is nearly a perfect circle, but when mapped it is found that the Earth moves around the Sun in a very slightly oval shaped, or elliptical orbit. The other planets in the Solar System also circle the Sun in slightly elliptical orbits. Mercury has a more elliptical orbit than the others, and some of the smaller objects orbit the Sun in very eccentric orbits.

In their order from the Sun, and labelled with the numbers like the picture on the right:

* (1) Mercury

* (2) Venus

* (3) Earth

* (4) Mars

* (5) Jupiter

* (6) Saturn

* (7) Uranus

* (8) Neptune

The planets are the biggest objects that go around Sun. It took people many years of looking carefully through telescopes to find the farthest away ones. No one expects to find new planets, but more small objects are found every year. Most of the planets have moons that orbit around them. There are at least 173 of these moons in the solar system.

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