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On a planet alleged Mobius ancient in the 33rd century. An abominable mad scientist alleged Dr. Julian Ivo Robotnik (Jim Cummings) who endemic a pet apprentice craven alleged Cluck, invaded and baffled a huge city-limits alleged Mobotropolis, with the advice of his abettor and nephew Snively (Charlie Adler) and his army of apprentice soldiers alleged SWATbots.

He again acclimated a behemothic aeroplane alleged the Destroyer to about-face Mobotropolis into a new city, renaming it Robotropolis, a attenuated city-limits of factories, warehouses and mining facilities. This aggression occurred on Friday the 13th, 3224, in an alien ages (Blast to the Past Pt. 1 and 2). It is accessible admitting according to a agenda of the approaching year that the aggression could accept occurred on Friday, September 13, 3224 or Friday, December 13, 3224[2].

Robotnik anon abducted the city’s king, Maximillian Acorn (Tim Curry), exiling him to a dimensional bastardize accepted as “The Void” and fabricated the alcazar his own claimed headquarters. From there, he captured the blow of the citizens, including an able old hedgehog alleged Sir Charles Hedgehog (William Windom), a.k.a. Dr. Hedgehog and Uncle Chuck, and his nephew’s dog Muttski, and acclimated a apparatus alleged the Roboticizer to about-face them into apprentice slaves.

Those who managed to escape aloof into the Great Forest and congenital a apple alleged Knothole to adumbrate from Robotnik, including a accumulation alleged the Freedom Fighters, a part of them the protagonist, Sonic the Hedgehog (Jaleel White), Charles’ accelerated nephew and the capital appearance of the series, as able-bodied as his best acquaintance Cape (Bradley Pierce), a adolescent two-tailed fox who can circle his cape to fly.

Other Freedom Fighters cover Rotor (Mark Ballou/Cam Brainard), a walrus with a adroitness for machines which rivals that of Sir Charles, Antoine D’Coolette (Rob Paulsen), a French coyote and above alcazar bouncer with abounding personality flaws, and Bunnie Rabbot (Christine Cavanaugh), a appealing Southern half-cyborg rabbit. Endure is the group’s baton (although she at times refers to Sonic as the leader), Princess Sally Acorn (Kath Soucie), the king’s alone daughter, a accumulate and Sonic’s approaching girlfriend. Sally carries a acquainted mini-computer alleged NICOLE.

For 10 years, the Freedom Fighters consistently aghast Robotnik’s schemes. In the show’s additional season, a active changeable dragon alleged Dulcy (Cree Summer) was a new star. Dulcy’s mother Sabina was captured and roboticized forth with a lot of of her species. Another appearance was aswell introduced: an angry archimage alleged Ixis Naugus (Michael Bell), who was Robotnik’s mentor. During the takeover, Naugus apparent a aperture into the Void. Requesting Robotnik to accompany him aback to Mobius, Naugus went through the aperture to analyze it, but Robotnik betrayed him and closed it, absorbed on accoutrement Naugus forever.

Two added key characters appeared in the additional season: One was Ari the Ram (Dorian Harewood), the added was Lupe the Wolf (Shari Belafonte). In the adventure Game Guy, Ari led Sonic into a allurement set up by Robotnik. Ari was the baton of a accumulation of Freedom Fighters which Robotnik captured. In barter for their release, Ari cautiously agreed to advice Robotnik abduction Sonic. Shortly thereafter, Robotnik bankrupt his bisected of the accord if he roboticizes Ari’s accompany and planned to roboticize him. Later, as Robotnik was about to forward Sonic into the void, Ari sacrificed himself by extenuative Sonic and concluded up traveling through the aperture himself. He didn’t escape the abandoned until the adventure The Void.

Lupe is the baton of a accumulation of Freedom Fighters alleged the Wolf Pack who appeared in Cry of the Wolf. They lived affably in a apple until Robotnik’s armament abashed them. The Wolf Pack were beatific ambuscade in a cave until Sonic, Sally and Antoine apparent them. They abutting up to advance Robotnik’s forces. If Sonic destroyed the endure of Robotnik’s saucer pods, Lupe and Ari, forth with Palo the Rhino and Dirk the Bear, abutting all the Freedom Fighters in their ultimate ambition to abort the Doomsday Project and defeat Robotnik already and for all. In the alternation afterpiece (The Doomsday Project), Lupe and Ari’s teams approved to arrest Robotnik’s branch but were captured. They were rescued if Sonic and Sally acclimated the Deep Power Stones to abort the factory.

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