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spider man coloring pages

spider man coloring pages


spider man coloring pages

Peter Benjamin Parker was a 15-year-old boy. He has been an orphan since his parents, Richard and Mary Parker, were killed in a plane crash. Peter will discover later that they were spies and worked for the US Government. He has been raised by his uncle Ben and his aunt May and has always been loved.

At Midtown High School, Peter is a brilliant student, who particularly loves sciences. His classmates don’t really love him for that reason, and also because he is shy and out of the way. One day, he was at a museum watching Dr. Connors(who later becomes The Lizard) preform a science experiment, he was bitten by a spider during this event. This spider had been hit by a ray during the issue and were radioactive. This event changed Peter into The Amazing Spider-Man.

News about spider man:

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