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Strawberry Shortcake Coloring Pages

Strawberry Shortcake Coloring Pages

Strawberry Shortcake is a accountant actualization endemic by American Greetings, originally acclimated in greeting cards and broadcast to cover dolls, posters, and added products. The Strawberry Shortcake backdrop aswell cover a toy band of the character’s accompany and pets.

The aboriginal architecture of Strawberry Shortcake and her cat, Custard was done in 1977 by Muriel Fahrion during his time as a greeting agenda illustrator at American Greetings’ Juvenile & Humorous agenda department. Afterwards the abstraction was presented to Bernie Loomis of General Mills and became a licensing entity, Fahrion advised a consecutive thirty-two characters for Those Characters From Cleveland (American Greetings’ toy & licensing architecture division).

Cindy Moyer Patton and Janet Jones advised the added afterwards characters of the archetypal Strawberry Shortcake line. Lyn Edwards was the editor of the band and forth with begin accumulation developed the personality profiles and the chance band and philosophy. The aboriginal baby was a rag baby directed by Muriel Fahrion and created by Susan Trentel, Fahrion’s sister.

The Strawberry Shortcake band of characters anniversary had their own fruity or dessert-themed name with accouterment to match, and they anniversary had a dessert- or fruit-named pet. Like the Strawberry Shortcake doll, all the added characters’ dolls had hair ambrosial to bout their ambrosia theme. The characters lived and played in a bewitched apple accepted as Strawberryland.

During the 1980s, Strawberry Shortcake became a huge fad for accouchement all about the country. At the time, there were several accompanying products, such as sticker albums, clothes, a video bold by Parker Bros. advantaged Strawberry Shortcake Agreeable Match-Ups for the Atari 2600 [1], and several added products. Several TV specials were fabricated featuring the characters, one anniversary year amid 1980 and 1985, if the fad had allegedly waned. Kenner produced no new dolls or toys thereafter.

In 1991, THQ approved animating the authorization by bearing an adapted band of Strawberry Shortcake dolls. Strawberry and 5 of her archetypal accompany anniversary got a makeover with new clothes, hair, and eyes. However, the band enjoyed at best a bashful success, abiding just the one year.

In 2002, the authorization was active again, this time with a revamped accessory by a altered designer. Abounding able licensing deals were made. A television alternation with new DVD and VHS (and in assertive markets [particularly in Asia], Video CD) releases was made, with soundtracks for the episodes getting put out on CDs at assertive intervals. DiC Entertainment was accepted rights in bearing the TV series, who sub-licensed the assembly of videos, DVDs and Video CDs of the alternation to 20th Century Fox Home Videos (who afterwards licenses the assembly of the video alfresco the US to assorted added licensees). Bandai (along with KellyToy) was accepted the rights to accomplishment the dolls and toys. For the aboriginal time in about two decades, new videogames were launched, produced by The Bold Factory for the Nintendo Bold Boy Advance and Nintendo DS. Educational CD-ROMs for the PC were aswell produced.

In 2006, Playmates Toys best up the rights to accomplish Strawberry Shortcake figures. The band is alleged “A Apple Of Friends”. The baby Frosty Puff was new to this line, but, although a acceptable accord of ambiguity and re-distribution was fabricated apropos the pets of the re-launched characters, actual few of the new dolls were in fact merchandised with pets. A affection affection blur , Strawberry Shortcake: The Sweet Dreams Movie, premiered in 2006 and appear to videos in February 2007.

The Playmates’ band was accustomed with alloyed reactions (see Criticisms area below) from the series’ fans. However, all-embracing acknowledgment appear Playmates’ band was negative. As a result, Playmates Toys absent the rights to Hasbro, who will be putting out new toys alpha abatement 2009, afterwards American Greetings reboots the authorization again[1]. However, on July 23, 2008, Cookie Jar Entertainment appear that it is in an advancing allocution to buy the authorization off American Greetings. Whether this will abate any approaching affairs American greetings has for the authorization charcoal to be seen. The accord was to be accomplished on September 30, 2008, but as of November 2008 the aftereffect is yet to be known.

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