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The blur opens with Mr. and Mrs. Little (Hugh Laurie and Geena Davis) and their son George (Jonathan Lipnicki) on the day of adoption. While George is at school, the parents go to the abode area they see abounding kids, but abatement in adulation with one abrasion alleged Stuart (Michael J. Fox), Who knows about aggregate about the added accouchement due to accepting been at the abode for so abundant time. He abandoned talks to them for a minute or so, but they knew he was right. “Then you’ll accommodated one of them, allocution to them; somehow, you’ll just know,” is what he told them. Despite the warnings of Mrs. Keeper (the woman in charge), who said that bodies shouldn’t be adopting mice, as it may not plan out, the Littles adjudge to yield Stuart and accept him as their additional son.

Immediately afterwards accepting home Stuart meets George and Snowbell (Nathan Lane) the ancestors cat. Although neither are blessed to see him, Snowbell tries to eat Stuart and George is about unimpressed. That night, Snowbell visits Stuart and requests that he accumulate a low profile, so as to abstain accepting credible by the added bodies and damaging Snowbell’s angel (the alleyway bodies would beam consistently if they heard that there was a abrasion with a pet cat!).

Over time Stuart gradually becomes allotment of the family, but aswell earns Snowbell’s acrimony if Snowbell’s friend, Monty the Mouth (Steve Zahn) visits for food. As Snowbell tries to accumulate him from seeing Stuart, Stuart makes a arena aggravating to get a atom box from a cupboard. If he sees him and Stuart says, “I’m aswell a affiliate of this family,” Monty doesn’t stop laughing. Enraged, Snowbell tries to annihilate Stuart, who almost escapes by jumping into the basement. Here, Stuart learns that George keeps a atelier and the two play calm for a while; George assuredly advancing to like accepting Stuart as his brother. Stuart finds that George keeps a toy car just his size, which was kept in a lego garage. They adjudge to plan calm to accomplishment George’s bootleg archetypal boat, the Wasp, for the Axial Esplanade Baiter Hunt the afterward week.

Snowbell, however, isn’t finished. He and Monty go to an alleyway that night to appointment Smokey (Chazz Palminteri), a Mafia Don-like Russian Blue Cat who is the baton of the alleyway cats. Back Snowbell doesn’t wish Stuart killed, he makes a plan with the alleyway bodies to abolish Stuart from the house.

On the day of the 92nd anniversary Axial Esplanade baiter race, the Wasp is finished, and they access at Axial Park. But, one botheration comes afterwards addition if George finds that Anton, (A boy beyond than Stuart with a baiter able of animadversion added boats into the water,) is present at the race. Then, Stuart has agitation accustomed the remote, and it’s stepped on by a stranger. So, to save the day, Stuart pilots the baiter himself. While George tries to accomplish Anton lose concentration, Stuart takes the lead, and almost wins the race. The ancestors acquire a affair to bless acceptable the trophy.

The anniversary is abbreviate lived however, as during the affair that night, the Littles are visited by Reginald and Camille Stout (Bruno Kirby and Jennifer Tilly), a abrasion brace claiming to be Stuart’s parents. Afterwards altercation Stuart acutely decides to leave with his absolute parents, demography a the babyish car with him as a goodbye present from George. Just then, Snowbell allotment home satisfied.

Stuart and his parents access at a babyish alcazar on a golf advance which is arise to be their home. Stuart, still miserable, does his best to achieve in. Three canicule later, the Littles are visited by Mrs. Keeper whom they had asked to do a little accomplishments analysis on Stuart. She tells them that, according to the annal Stuart’s parents died years ago. They had been grocery shopping. She told them, “They were arcade in the canned aliment aisle, and there was an capricious accumulation of cans – it collapsed. Cream and augment soup, two for one sale. That’s a absolute animal soup.” The Little’s realised that Stuart had been kidnapped – and they alarm the police.

A abashed Snowbell rushes to the alleyway and warns Smokey and the others about the Littles’ discovery. Smokey afresh decides that the abandoned way to adjust things is to blemish him out. Or, in added words, annihilate him. They alarm a affair with Reginald and appeal that he and Camille duke Stuart over. But the Stouts, accepting developed to affliction for Stuart, acknowledge the accuracy and admonish him to escape afore the bodies acquisition him. Stuart does so afterwards cogent his “fake parents” goodbye.

Meanwhile, the Littles adjudge to abode “missing” posters about the city-limits to get advice in award Stuart. Stuart meanwhile is on his way home. While traveling through Axial Park, is ambushed by Smokey and a few cats. He succesfully manages to balk them by active his car into the sewer, but at a top cost: he loses the car and his baggage while artifice the storm drain.

Eventually, Stuart finds his way home just as the Littles leave to adhere the posters. The abandoned one home is Snowbell, and he tells Stuart a lie about how the Littles are adequate activity afterwards him. Proving his adventure by absolute that Stuart’s face has been cut off the ancestors photo (really done so to enlarge Stuart’s face for the posters). Tears falling from his eyes, Stuart leaves home yet again.

Later on Monty visits Snowbell and informs him that Smokey and the others acquire spotted Stuart in the park. Reluctantly, Snowbell joins them and is ultimately the aboriginal one to acquisition Stuart, sitting abandoned in a bird’s nest. Snowbell captures Stuart and is accessible to bead him to the cats, but he turns on them at the endure moment and decides to accomplishment Stuart. The bodies accord chase, and eventually bend Stuart blind from a timberline branch. The bodies accumulation calm on a lower annex to bolt Stuart, but Snowbell break it at the endure minute and sends the bodies into the baptize below. Smokey sneaks up abaft Snowbell and attempts to annihilation him, but Stuart releases a attenuate annex that hits Smokey in the face and knocks him into the water. Enraged, Smokey walks off abandoned to be aching and comatose by dogs aloft axis a corner. Monty and the added bodies get out of the water, all blah and embarrassed. “Not bad for a house-cat!”

Snowbell and Stuart airing home and Stuart shares a balmy alliance with his family, cogent them that Snowbell helped him home. The Littles accompany Stuart and Snowbell inside, and abutting the windows, accessible for bed.

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