sun coloring pages

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    sun coloring pages

    The Sun is a star and the largest object in our solar system. The planets in our solar system move around the sun in orbits. Our sun can be seen in the sky in the day time. It is a large yellow ball. The sun is basically a very large ball of non-stop explosions. These explosions give off a lot of energy. Even though the sun is very far from the earth, we still feel this energy. The Sun is so bright that it can hurt to look at it and can damage your eyesight so never stare at the sun and never use binoculars or a telescope to look at it. The Sun makes light, heat and solar wind. Solar wind moves around the earth outside our atmosphere. It is made of small particles that fly away from the sun. The sun is the main source of energy for life on Earth.

    The Sun is at the middle of our solar system. Each planet travels in a more-or-less round orbit with the sun in the center. Each planet orbits at a different distance from the sun. The orbits of the planets are not circles. They are curves called ellipses. The planets closest to the Sun get more heat. Planets further away are colder.

    All life on our planet needs the light energy that comes from our Sun. Plants use solar energy as food so they can grow. This process is called photosynthesis, the green in the leaves is the pigment.

    In the center of the Sun, in its core, great heat and pressure combine hydrogen gas into helium gas which produces large amounts of energy. This is called nuclear fusion.

    The Sun seen in a telescope.

    People can look at the Sun if they use special lenses that make it safe. When they do this, darker spots are sometimes seen on the surface of the Sun; these spots are called sunspots. The number of sunspots on the Sun gets bigger and then smaller in a cycle of about 11 years. The number affects the weather on Earth and can also affect electronics.

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