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Super Mario Coloring Pages

Super Mario Coloring Pages

Super Mario Bros. was a very important game because it changed how games were made later. It was the best-selling video game ever before being beat by Wii Sports in 2009. It turned Mario into a famous symbol. It also made the NES successful. There are many super mario colorin pages. you can download.

Mario has several “power ups”. A red and white Mushroom will make him big. When Mario is big, and if he touches an enemy he gets smaller; he will not die. If Mario is big and he hits a question block that has a power-up, a fire flower will come out. The fire flower will give him the power to throw fire balls, which can kill enemies. If he gets hit as Fire Mario, he will go back to being small Mario.

Each world is divided into four levels. Some levels are underground and others are underwater. When Mario is underwater, he cannot jump on any enemy and he will shrink or die if he touches one. I do not know do you agree with me or not but in my opininon super mario is the best game i ever played. if you need some information about super mario you can check nintendo site

you may download super mario coloring pages here.. Mario faces lava, fire bars, and other enemies in this level. At the end of the level is Bowser, who stands over a lava pit.

* Goombaria’s name appears in the coding of Mario’s partners in Paper Mario, making it possible she was going to help Mario on his adventure.

* In Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story, the Fawful Guys have an attack where a monster will throw them in a yellow Yoshi egg.

* Melody Bay is a part of Tadpole Pond in the game Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars and it is also home to the composer Toadofsky. We hope you like our super mario coloring pages.

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