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Tchoupi Coloring Pages

Charley and Mimmo (pronounced Mee-moe) consists of a archetypal ancestors (father, mother, son, babyish sister) in a burghal town. The son, Charley (and his subanthromorphic Teddy Bear Mimmo), are the capital characters. Charley and his ancestors and accompany arise to be some affectionate of costly dolls that are either absolutely brown, black, or aphotic gray with the barring of a white face and annular orange nose. The “people” in the actualization are the alone characters that talk; Mimmo can airing on two legs, sit, actualization announcement etc, except for the actuality that he cannot talk. Instead, Mimmo communicates through squeaking and squealing like a squeaker toy.

As for Charley, he is the boilerplate adolescent and the show’s star. His articulation and actualization advance that he is about in the age ambit of 4—7 years old. Charley is occasionally absolute and calmly starts arguments a part of his friends. He can aswell calmly get upset, affronted and anxious again abjure it later. Sometimes Charlie lies and has a hardly accusatory character.

There was a 2004 cine advantaged “T’choupi” to be appear by Gebeka Films, but alone in France and South Korea, the artifice is about Charley and his accompany who army calm to acquisition out who has baseborn all the toys, “T’choupi” is Charley’s name in French, “Doudou” is Mimmo’s name in French, too.

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