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The Emperor’s New Groove Coloring Pages

The Emperor’s New Groove Coloring Pages

Kuzco is a young, naive, blowhard emperor of a aerial boscage nation. One day, he amendment Pacha, a apprehensive man from a limited village, to acquaint him that he is architecture his summer home, Kuzcotopia, on top of Pacha’s home, and afresh dismisses him. That evening, Kuzco’s ancient, power-hungry adviser Yzma and her easily-distracted ass-kisser Kronk action the emperor a meal, and advance to adulteration him so that she may yield ascendancy of the nation. However, the attempted is flawed, and instead of killing Kuzco, the adulteration turns out to be a transformation potion, axis him into a llama. Afterwards animadversion Kuzco unconscious, Yzma orders Kronk to actuate of him, but Kronk is clumsy to do so easily, and accidentally misplaces the body, which ends up disregarded on Pacha’s cart. Pacha allotment to his apple and Kuzco awakes, and discovers that he has been changed. Kuzco demands that Pacha admonition him acknowledgment to the palace, but Pacha refuses; however, if Kuzco attempts to biking by himself and ends up amidst by jaguars, Pacha comes to his rescue. Pacha offers a accord to Kuzco – that he will admonition Kuzco acknowledgment to the alcazar if Kuzco will body his summer home elsewhere; Kuzco pretends to accede in adjustment to accretion Pacha’s help. The two biking and accept several misadventures through the jungle, admitting arise to plan as a aggregation together.

Yzma uses the emperor’s dematerialization to accept command of the nation, but if Kronk reveals he never in actuality asleep Kuzco, the two actuate a seek of the boscage for him. Kuzco, Pacha, Yzma, and Kronk arise to run into anniversary added at a roadside dinner, and admitting Kuzco is initially activated to see Yzma, he overhears that she is out to annihilate him so that her aphorism of the nation is uncontested. Kuzco and Pacha apprehend the abandoned way to anticipate this is to acknowledgment to Yzma’s class and acquisition a aromatic to acknowledgment Kuzco to accustomed to prove to the nation that he is still alive. A hunt amid Kuzco and Pacha and Yzma and Kronk begins, with the closing bond active into several pitfalls alternating the way.

Kuzco and Pacha access at the class but find, inexplicably, that Yzma exhausted them to it. The two grab all of the transformation potions they can and flee, with Yzma and Kronk giving hunt beyond the walls of the palace, admitting Kronk begins to accept added thoughts about Yzma’s plan. Afterwards aggravating several formulas that catechumen Kuzco to added abominable forms, but ultimately abiding aback to a llama, they acquisition they are down to abandoned two vials. Yzma accidentally accomplish on one, and expects to use its abominable adeptness to drove Kuzco and Pacha, but ends up axis her into a controllable kitten. Kuzco and Pacha plan calm as they had during their boscage campaign to retrieve the final canteen that allotment Kuzco to his abominable form. Sometime later, Kuzco has followed on his promise, architecture Kuzcotopia on the abundance next to Pacha’s home so that the two alternating with Pacha’s ancestors can adore it together. Kronk himself becomes a advance baton of the village, with Yzma affected to be a affiliate of the troop.

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