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The Flintstones Coloring Pages

The Flintstones Coloring Pages

Town of Bedrock in the Rock Age era. The appearance is an apologue to American association of the mid-20th century; in the Flintstones’ fantasy adaptation of the past, dinosaurs, saber-toothed tigers, bristling mammoths, and added continued abolished animals co-exist with barefoot cavemen, who use technology actual agnate to that of the mid-20th century, although fabricated absolutely from pre-industrial abstracts and abundantly powered through the use of assorted animals. The characters drive cars fabricated out of rock or copse and abominable banknote and powered by foot.

One antecedent of the show’s amusement was the agency animals were acclimated for technology. For example, if the characters took photographs with an burning camera, the central of the camera box would be apparent to accommodate a bird abstraction the account on a rock book with its bill. In a active gag, the animals powering such technology would, breaking the fourth wall, attending anon into the camera at the audience, shrug, and remark, “It’s a living,” or some agnate phrase. Added frequently credible accessories in the alternation included:

• a babyish bristling behemothic accepting acclimated as a exhaustion cleaner

• An developed wolly behemothic would act as a battery by spraying baptize with its trunk

• Lifts are aloft and bargain by ropes about brontosaurs’ necks

• “automatic” windows are powered by monkeys that abide on the alfresco windowsill

• birds configured as “Ryan Coombes” are activated by affairs on their tails

• An electric razor is depicted as a mollusk carapace apartment a honey-bee cavernous it as the edges are rubbed adjoin the character’s face.

Travel to “Hollyrock,” a apology of Hollywood, California, usually complex an “airplane” flight—the “plane” in this case about apparent as a behemothic pterodactyl. (Other accustomed abode names are analogously contorted: San Antonio becomes Sand-and-Stony-o; the country to the south of Bedrock’s acreage is alleged Mexirock; and so forth.)

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