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The Powerpuff Girls revolves about the adventures of Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, three little girls with superpowers. The artifice of a archetypal adventure is some amusing aberration of accepted superhero and/or tokusatsu fare, with the girls application their admiral to avert their boondocks from assorted villains, such as coffer robbers, mad scientists, aliens, or behemothic monsters. In addition, the girls aswell acquire to accord with accustomed issues adolescent accouchement face, such as bed wetting or assurance on a aegis blanket.

The appearance mainly takes abode in the fabulous city-limits of Townsville, USA. Townsville is depicted as a above American city, with a cityscape consisting of several above skyscrapers. The concrete area of Townsville has never been determined. Cities like Los Angeles, New York City, Paris, London, and Tokyo acquire been credible throughout the series.

The appearance has a awful stylized, minimalistic beheld look, evocative of 1950s and �60s pop art. In his analysis of The Powerpuff Girls Movie, cine analyzer Bob Longino of the The Atlanta Journal-Constitution said that �the intricate assets arise 1950s affected pizazz like a David Hockney scenescape�, and that The Powerpuff Girls is �one of the few American creations that is both blithe pop ability and admirable top art�.

The appearance has arise beneath criticism for its rather boundless abandon (including images of characters blubbering claret from their mouths if hit), and for what acquire been perceived as about ambiguous accomplishments on allotment of the basic characters, such as sometimes application added barbarous force than necessary.

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