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The Tweenies Coloring Pages

The Tweenies Coloring Pages

The Tweenies is a television programme aimed at adolescent children, advertisement on the BBC. The programme is set in a nursery abounding by the four Tweenies themselves: Milo, Jake, Bella and Fizz. They are supplemented by two adults, Max and Judy, and two dogs, Doodles and Izzles.

The aboriginal prototypes for the Tweenies characters were advised by Sally Priesig of Mimics Productions; they were after re-scaled into two sizes for the characters apparent on the series. In addition, Sally aswell advised the appearance apparel and was co-constructor/developer for the Tweenies’ full-size puppets. The apparel bolt comes from the US and was alien and absolute into their present colours; it is about the aforementioned array as bleed jumpers. [1]

The Tweenies are a assembly of Tell-Tale Productions (now endemic by Entertainment Rights) in affiliation with the BBC. Action for the appearance was produced by A Productions, an action flat based in Bristol, England, with Ealing Action accouterment some action in a few aboriginal episodes. Computer action for the alternation was provided by Clockwork Digital, with Ben Mars activation Mungo, the computer animal who appears in some after episodes.

The appearance includes a “Tweenie Clock”, with 5 annular lights abiding in a pentagonal appearance with the lights cogent “news time” (orange), “messy time” (blue: art, sticking, painting), “song time” (yellow: about nursery rhymes or children’s classics), “telly time” (green; in some after episodes, this is aswell acclimated if they use the computer) and “story time” (red). “Surprise Time” is a appropriate time bent if all 5 lights glow. A button at the centre of the alarm is apprenticed to baddest the action that will be undertaken next.

It is currently getting apparent on CBeebies, the BBC’s children’s approach for adolescent children.

Like a amount of added CBeebies programmes, a reside date adaptation of the appearance has toured in the UK. The a lot of contempo tour, Enchanted Toyshop, toured the British Isles during 2007. The new tour, Top of the Tots, will bout the British Isles in 2009, the series’ 10th anniversary.[2] The Tweenies are aswell audience on the anniversary CBeebies Reside tours about the British Isles. Between 2003 and 2006, there was aswell a reside adaptation of The Tweenies apparent consistently at Alton Towers in the Cred Street area aimed at adolescent children, which was removed in favour of Bob the Builder.

In 2000, The Tweenies won two awards: Best Pre-School Educational Programme (Royal Television Society) and Best Reside Action Pre-School Programme (BAFTA Awards).

The Tweenies were created by Will Brenton and Iain Lauchlan, a brace with a clue almanac of getting involoved in BBC children’s programming. Iain Lauchlan was a presenter on Play School, Fingermouse and Playdays, affair Brenton, a director, biographer and aswell a presenter, during the latter. Together they started bearing two of the Playdays strands afore basic their own assembly companies Tell-Tale Productions and, added recently, Wish Films.

They aswell created The Fun Song Factory, Boo!, BB3B!, Jim Jam and Sunny, Basil Hair The Squirrel and Entertainment Right’s The Magical Lives of Toys.

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