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The Wild Coloring Pages


The brilliant of the New York zoo, a bobcat called Samson, is ashamed by his son Ryan during a bold of ‘turtle shelling’ and what after-effects is an altercation amid the two. Ryan runs away, and aback finds himself getting alien beyond the sea. Samson, with the aid of his accompany Benny (a squirrel), Bridgette (a giraffe), Larry (a snake), and Nigel (a koala) set out to acquisition him and acknowledgment to the zoo. The appear into battle with a band of wildebeests who ambition to ‘ascend’ to the rank of predator by assuming a abominable ritual and arresting a lion. The baton of the cult, however, abuses the others and in the end is baffled and dies. Samson and Ryan are reunited and they all acknowledgment home safely.

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