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The Wild Thornberrys is an American activated television alternation that aired on Nickelodeon from 1998 to 2004. It was echo in the USA on Nickelodeon and occasionally Nicktoons Network until 2007. The Wild Thornberry’s Cine was declared to air in 2008′s Super Stuffed Nicktoons Weekend, but instead, they showed The Fairly OddParent’s TV movie, Channel Chasers.

The alternation follows the Thornberrys, as they biking the apple in their “comvee” (a convertible/RV) searching for attenuate animals to film. Their youngest daughter, Eliza is the capital character. Thanks to an African shaman, Eliza has the ability to allege to animals. She can allege to the family’s pet chimpanzee, who is aswell her best friend. She campaign the apple with her ancestors and usually helps animals break their problems. The appearance currently affectedness on Nicktoonsters in the UK.

At the alpha of every episode, Eliza recites a monologue, which is again followed by the affair music. It states the basal apriorism of the show, and provides a abrupt aback adventure so anyone new to the appearance would accept what’s traveling on.

The Wild Thornberrys was produced by Klasky Csupo for Nickelodeon. It premiered in September 1998, and was the aboriginal Nicktoon to alone use 22-minute belief (episodes of added Nicktoons usually featured two 13-minute stories, application 22-minute belief alone on occasion).

Elizabeth “Eliza” Thornberry

Voiced by Lacey Chabert, Eliza is the main character, who (unknown to most) gained the ability to speak with animals after an encounter with an African shaman (as shown in the episode “Gift of Gab”). Eliza is portrayed as a geek by her extensive zoological knowledge and her glasses and braces. She has long red hair that is usually worn in pigtails, and occasionally a ponytail. She almost always wears a yellow shirt and red and yellow shorts, though later in the series she sports other clothes. Eliza began the series as a 12 year-old, but in the last season was 14.

Deborah “Debbie” Thornberry

Voiced by Danielle Harris, Debbie is a typical teenage girl, interested in music and fashion, who longs for a normal suburban life, but her parents’ job deprives her of this. Despite being rough around the edges, she does care for Eliza. She commonly wears an orange camisole, a green jacket, blue jeans (with holes in them) and brown shoes. In “The Wild Thornberrys Movie,” she learns Eliza’s secret, but if she tells anyone she’ll become a baboon. It is shown in the episode “Chew If by Sea” that Debbie suffers from chronic seasickness. Debbie is 16.

Sir Nigel Thornberry

Voiced by Tim Curry, Nigel is the only child of Radcliffe and Cordelia (since none of his family members said he had any siblings) travels around the world with his family making wildlife documentaries for his own show. He resembles the late Steve Irwin and David Attenborough, and speaks with an English accent. He somewhat resembles Lt. Col. Algernon Hawthorne in It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, played by Terry-Thomas. He is easily excited and is usually calm, even in the face of danger, and his catchphrase is “Smashing!” Nigel was knighted by the queen of England, and offered a job as a teacher in England. Much to his mother’s disapproval, Nigel turned down the queen’s offer. Nigel has an odd predilection for kippers.

Marianne Hunter Thornberry

Voiced by Jodi Carlisle, Marianne is Nigel’s wife and operates the film camera. Marianne is a strong woman, often the voice of reason, and sometimes loses patience with Nigel. She is usually the one to take on disciplinary duties, forcing Eliza to stay in the confines of the comvee, or forcing Debbie to complete her schoolwork.

Darwin Thornberry

Voiced by Tom Kane, Darwin is a chimpanzee who travels with the family, and a loyal companion and pet to Eliza. He usually wears a regular sleeveless shirt with blue stripes and blue shorts. He has a craving for cheese crunchies, especially Swiss cheese crunchies. He was found by Eliza, and was the first animal she ever talked to.

Donald Michael “Donnie” Thornberry

Voiced by Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and occasionally Macaulay Culkin, Donnie is a feral boy who (as revealed in the 2001 4-part TV movie, “The Wild Thornberrys: The Origin of Donnie”) was raised by orangutans after his real parents were killed by poachers, before the Thornberrys adopted him. He commonly wears a pair of shorts and he loves to eat bees. He talks very wildly and incoherently, though in the Rugrats and Thornberrys crossover film he is revealed to be talking backwards. Donnie is 5, but turns 6 in “The Origin of Donnie.”

[edit] Other family members

Tyler Tucker

Voiced by Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Tyler is Eliza’s cousin, who traveled with them in five episodes. Eliza and Tyler don’t get along at all, and Tyler likes to remind Eliza that he’s older than her (only by a few months). Tyler’s mom is Marianne’s sister.

Sophie and Frank Hunter

Voiced by Betty White and Edward Asner, Sophie and Frank are Marianne’s parents. Grandpa Frank only appeared in the episode “The Anniversary.” Sophie eats spicy buffalo wings for every meal.

Radcliffe and Cordelia Thornberry

Voiced by Tim Curry and Lynn Redgrave, Radcliffe and Cordelia are Nigel’s parents. In “The Wild Thornberrys Movie,” when they learn of Eliza’s adventures with animals, Cordelia immediately assumes that Eliza is wild and undisciplined. Fearing Eliza will injure herself one day, Cordelia arranges to have her sent off to boarding school for her own safety with Marianne agreeing.

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