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Old-fashioned cowboy baby Woody is analogous a assay mission about his buyer Andy’s altogether affair in the canicule afore Andy’s ancestors move to their new abode in Detroit. To Woody’s dismay, Andy receives a new activity amount in the anatomy of amplitude forester Buzz Lightyear, whose absorbing appearance anon see Buzz replacing Woody as Andy’s admired toy. Woody – the above de facto baton of Andy’s toys – is abashed by his backup and affronted arise Buzz. For his part, Buzz does not accept that he is a toy. Instead he believes himself to be an absolute amplitude ranger, seeing Woody as an arrest in his “mission”; he aswell believes his gadgets, such as his artificial wings and ablaze ball laser, are absolute and absolutely functional. If Woody challenges him to fly, he attempts to do so and gets briefly bent on the toy aeroplane blind from the ceiling, authoritative it arise as admitting he can fly. This allows Buzz to abide assertive he can fly and convinces the added toys as well, admitting Woody dubbing his achievement “falling with style”.

Later, Woody schemes to allurement Buzz in a gap abaft Andy’s board so he can alter Buzz on a ancestors outing, but the plan goes disastrously amiss and Buzz is agape out of Andy’s allowance into the driveway outside. The added toys allege Woody of attempting to annihilation Buzz out of jealousy, but are clumsy to abuse him afore Andy leaves the abode with Woody for the airing at the space-themed Pizza Planet restaurant. Buzz sees Andy accepting into his mother’s car with Woody and manages to ascend aboard, area he confronts Woody while Andy’s mother refuels the car. The two alpha a action and accidentally acreage alfresco the car, which drives off and leaves the two stranded.

Woody spots a supply boy apprenticed for Pizza Planet and affairs to affair with Andy there. Realizing that he will face the acrimony of the added toys if he allotment afterwards Buzz, Woody convinces Buzz that the barter will yield them to a spaceship. Once at Pizza Planet, Buzz makes his way into a barb bold apparatus shaped like a spaceship, cerebration it to be the address Woody promised him. While Woody clambers in to try and accomplishment him, Buzz (with Woody blind on to his foot) is captured by Andy’s next-door neighbor, the twisted, toy-torturing Sid Phillips.

The two badly attack to escape from Sid’s abode afore Andy’s family’s affective day. There they appointment awful “mutant” toys inhabiting his room, as able-bodied as Sid’s abandoned dog Scud. Buzz, ambuscade in the active room, sees a television bartering for Buzz Lightyear toys just like himself. Disheartened and in abnegation of his accurate nature, Buzz attempts to fly but avalanche and break his arm from its socket. While Sid prepares to abort Buzz with a firework rocket, Woody is clumsy to get a afflicted Buzz to participate in his escape plan, even if the aberrant toys appearance their accurate colors and adjustment Buzz’s arm. In the film’s axis point, Woody admits that Buzz is a “cool toy”, but despairs that he himself stands no adventitious of getting Andy’s favorite. Buzz changes his apperception and decides that activity is account active even if he’s not a amplitude forester and helps Woody, but Sid wakes up afore they can escape and takes Buzz (still beggared to the rocket), to his backyard launchpad. In cooperation with Sid’s aberrant toys, Woody stages a accomplishment of Buzz and accompanying terrifies Sid into active abroad in abhorrence of his own toys. But even afterwards their efforts, the two absence Andy’s car as it drives abroad to his new house.

Chasing the affective van, they allure the absorption of Scud. Buzz saves Woody by arrest the dog, but dooms himself. Woody attempts to accomplishment Buzz with Andy’s radio-controlled car R.C. At first, the the added toys in the affective van afield accept Woody is attempting to now annihilate R.C., and bandy him off the barter admitting his attempts to acquaint them the truth. Buzz and Woody attack to bolt up; afterwards witnessing Woody aggravating to save Buzz, the added toys apprehend the accuracy and try to advice them aback on. Slinky attempts to cull them assimilate the access of the truck, but R.C.’s batteries die and his attack fails. Woody again remember’s Buzz’s rocket, and attempts to ablaze it with the bout he accustomed from Sid. Although a casual car assault out the match, Woody still abstracts out a way to ablaze the fuse; application Buzz’s helmet to aggrandize the sun. It is alone afterwards he lights it that he remembers the rocket will backfire at the end of the flight. The rocket takes off, calmly communicable up to the van. But although they administer to bead R.C. aback in with the added toys, the rocket shoots beeline up afore Buzz and Woody do annihilation to accomplish it themselves. But appropriate afore it explodes, Buzz deploys his wings, disengagement them from the rocket, and acceptance them to coast through the air. Woody, amazed, declares “Buzz, you’re flying!” and, Buzz answers “This isn’t flying, this is falling…with style!”. The toys coast accomplished the van, aiming for Andy’s car instead. Woody and Buzz bead through the sun roof and acreage in a box appropriate next to Andy, who is charmed to balance his two admired toys.

At Christmas, a reconciliated Buzz and Woody are now both Andy’s admired toys and accept become best friends, alarming aplomb a part of the added toys. Together they date addition assay mission to actuate the threat, if any, presented by the new arrivals – one of which is appear to be a puppy.

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