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When I  decide to prepare childrens coloring, “turtle color pages” I have searched on the net and I have figure out that turtle is a favorite animal for kids. there is a turtle magazine http://www.cbhi.org/magazines/turtle/ There are many coloring drawing pages and coloring posters. When you like them you can print coloring. Ninja turtles coloring is a passion for some kids. Coloring and drawing turtles is so great for toddlers. These turtle coloring pages are prepared for you. We hope you like and print for your kids.

A turtle is a type of animal that may live on land or in the water.

Turtles have shells and are the slowest moving reptiles. Most turtles that live in the water have webbed[1] feet like a duck. Tortoises have thick legs like elephants and sea turtles have flippers.

Turtles can see things that are close very well. They cannot see far-away things well.

All turtles need to breathe air. When a turtle breathes, special muscles push the air in and out of the lungs. Turtles are ectothermic. This means that their temperature goes up and down with the temperature of the water and air around them. Some turtles can live for up to a year without eating. Turtles drink water often.

All turtles can live for a long time without food. Tortoises eat plants, fruits and flowers. Some turtles eat fish, tadpoles, snails and insects.

Turtles evolved from reptiles with ribs

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