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Wizard of Oz Coloring Pages

Dorothy is a adolescent babe who lives on a Kansas acreage with her Uncle Henry, Aunt Em, and little dog Toto. One day the farmhouse, with Dorothy inside, is bent up in a tornado and deposited in a acreage in the country of the Munchkins. The falling abode kills the Wicked Witch of the East.

The Good Witch of the North comes with the Munchkins to accost Dorothy and gives Dorothy the shoes that the Wicked Witch of the East had been cutting if she was killed. In adjustment to acknowledgment to Kansas, the Good Witch of the North tells Dorothy that she will accept to go to the “Emerald City” and ask the Wizard of Oz to advice her.

On her way down the alley paved with chicken brick, Dorothy frees the Scarecrow from the pole he is blind on, restores the movements of the decayed Tin Woodman with an oil can, and encourages them and the Cowardly Lion to adventure with her and Toto to the Emerald City. The Scarecrow wants to get a brain, the Tin Woodman a heart, and the Cowardly Lion, courage. All are assertive by Dorothy that the Wizard can advice them too. Together, they affected obstacles on the way.

When the accumulation arrives at the Emerald City, the Guardian of the Gates provides them with appropriate blooming spectacles that will accumulate the accuracy of the Emerald City from blinding them.

When anniversary adventurer meets with the Wizard, he appears anniversary time as anyone or something different. To Dorothy, the Wizard is a behemothic head; the Scarecrow sees a admirable woman; the Tin Woodman sees a avaricious beast; the Cowardly Lion sees a brawl of fire. The Wizard agrees to advice anniversary of them, but one of them accept to annihilate the Wicked Witch of the West who rules over the Winkie Country.

As the accompany biking beyond the Winkie Country, the Wicked Witch sends wolves, crows, bees, and afresh her Winkie soldiers to advance them but they administer to get accomplished them all. Then, application the ability of the Golden Cap, the Witch amendment the Winged Monkeys to abduction all of the travelers.

When the Wicked Witch assets one of Dorothy’s argent shoes by trickery, Dorothy in acrimony grabs a brazier of baptize and throws it on the Wicked Witch, who begins to melt. The Winkies rejoice at getting freed of the witch’s tyranny, and they advice to arouse the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman. The Winkies adulation the Tin Woodman and they ask him to become their ruler, which he agrees to do afterwards allowance Dorothy acknowledgment to Kansas.

Dorothy uses the Golden Cap to arouse the Winged Monkeys to backpack her and her assembly aback to the Emerald City, and the Baron tells how they were apprenticed by an attraction to the cap by Gayelette.

When Dorothy and her accompany accommodated the Wizard of Oz again, he tries to put them off. Toto accidentally tips over a awning in a bend of the arch room, absolute an old man who had journeyed to Oz from Omaha continued ago in a hot air balloon.

The Wizard provides the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, and the Cowardly Lion with a arch abounding of bran, pins, and needles, a blimp heart, and a aromatic of courage, respectively. Because of their acceptance in the Wizard’s power, these contrarily abortive items accommodate a focus for their desires. In adjustment to advice Dorothy and Toto get home, the Wizard realizes that he will accept to yield them home with him in a new balloon, which he and Dorothy appearance from blooming silk. Absolute himself to the humans of the Emerald City one endure time, the Wizard appoints the Scarecrow, by advantage of his brains, to aphorism in his stead. Dorothy chases Toto afterwards he runs afterwards a babe in the crowd, and afore she can accomplish it aback to the balloon, the ropes break, abrogation the Wizard to acceleration and float abroad alone.

Dorothy turns to the Winged Monkeys to backpack her and Toto home, but they cannot cantankerous the arid surrounding Oz. The Soldier with the Blooming Whiskers advises that Glinda, the Good Witch of the South, may be able to forward Dorothy and Toto home. They, the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, and the Cowardly Lion adventure to Glinda’s alcazar in the Quadling Country. Together they escape the Fighting Trees, contrivance the Hammer-Heads, and footstep anxiously through the China Country. The Cowardly Lion kills a behemothic spider, who is anarchic the animals in a forest, and he agrees to acknowledgment there to aphorism them afterwards Dorothy allotment to Kansas—the better of the tigers cardinal in his account as before. Dorothy uses her third ambition to fly over the Hammer-Heads’ mountain.

At Glinda’s palace, the travelers are greeted warmly, and it is appear by Glinda that Dorothy had the ability to go home all along. The Argent Shoes she wears can yield her anywhere she wishes to go. She tearfully embraces her friends, all of whom will be returned, through Glinda’s use of the Golden Cap, to their corresponding sovereignties: the Scarecrow to the Emerald City, the Tin Woodman to the Winkie Country, and the Cowardly Lion to the forest. Afresh she will accord the Cap to the baron of the Winged Monkeys, so they will never be beneath its spell again. Dorothy and Toto acknowledgment to Kansas and a blithesome ancestors reunion. The Argent Shoes are absent during Dorothy’s flight and never apparent again.

Illustration and design

The book was illustrated by Baum’s acquaintance and assistant W.W. Denslow, who aswell co-held the copyright. The architecture was abundant for the time, with illustrations on every page, backgrounds in altered colors, and several blush bowl illustrations. The characteristic attending led to imitators at the time, a lot of conspicuously Zauberlinda, the Wise Witch. The book was the newly-designed Monotype Old Style.

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