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Yakari is a adolescent Sioux Native American who has the aspect to be able to accept and allege beastly languages. During his adventures, he meets all sorts of North American animals. His best accompany are a babe Sioux, “Rainbow”, and his pony “Little Thunder”. He has a totem animal, “Great Eagle”.

The ambience is the North American Great Plains, mainly. Horses accept already been alien by the Spanish, but there is no advertence of white man whatsoever in the alternation (In one book, there’s even a acknowledgment by an old aborigine that there’s a abstruseness how the horse came to the land, and that it hasn’t consistently been there). It can accordingly be affected that Yakari’s adventures yield abode continued afore the clearing blitz in the backward 18th/19th century.

* Yakari : the main character.

* Rainbow : a Sioux girl and Yakari’s best friend. She is increasingly accompanying him on his adventures as the series progresses.

* The-One Who Knows : chief and shaman of Yakari’s village.

* Little Bison : a Sioux boy and friend of Yakari’s, who dreams of becoming a great hunter.

* Slow Caribou : a man from Yakari’s village. As his name points out, he is very slow.

* Broth Eye : a man from Yakari’s village. He smokes all the time, lying in front of his tipi, and gets exhausted after one step.

* Tranquil Rock : a sage from Yakari’s village.

* Bold Gaze : Yakari’s dad. At first quite sceptical about his son’s claims that he can talk to animals, he is eventually convinced that his son has indeed a special gift.

* Strained Bow: a wandering warrior who sees himself destined (but is actually driven to) hunt and bring down the rarest and most unusual of animals. He has clashed with Yakari on several occasions and considers him a serious nuisance.


* Great Eagle : a great bald eagle and Yakari’s totem who aids Yakari with his wisdom and advice.

* Little Thunder : a white-and-black checkerd poney, who is Yakari’s steed and closest friend.

* Nanabozo : a rabbit capable of doing magical feats, and Rainbow’s totem. He has revealed himself to Rainbow and Yakari on numerous occasions and taken them to educative journeys, including on a stint into prehistoric times.

* Double Teeth : a beaver and artist.

* Tilia : Young beaver, he is a joker and is adventurous.

* Wild Rose Plant : a beaver, and Tilia’s mother.

* Rough Bark : a beaver, and Tilia’s father.

* Thousand Mouths : a beaver and builder.

* Wood of a Bed : a beaver and a serious sleeper.

* Snowball, a white-furred baribal.

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